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11.05 Revival


A powerful message in the Eleventh Hour series from Mars, dedicated to the protection of our fragile planet. Mars continues to explore serenity, majesty and conflict in his compositions, with soaring melodies and intensely textural audio landscapes. This collection is a must for your Eleventh Hour series.

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11.05 Revival

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Critic Reviews

By John Olsen at
The conservation-minded 11.05 Revival release from Mars Lasar is the most recent project in the Eleventh Hour Series to make a significant statement in both the trademark designer music Mars continues to envision and next in series dedication to the protection of our planet that arrives with just in time precision.

The Eleventh Hour Series relies on an Electronic Instrumental infrastructure to get the message out, and it now appears clear Mars was just ahead of his time with the series. His deep exploratory music touches the senses while beating a constant rhythm in music lover’s hearts, exactly when a new resurgence in conservation is suddenly thrust into the forefront of the next generation’s minds.

11.05 Revival on the Sound Manipulation label approaches every aspect of Eclectic, Electronic, Instrumental & New Age Groove, canvassing the inherent beauty and peaceful serenity of our magnificent planet in an epic and colorful illustration drawn from one man’s timely musical perspective.

Earthbound exhibits a strong opening by first reaching out to grab, and then capture your attention by a distinctive percussion rhythm that steadily glides into full keyboard environment, giving a pulsating melody in motion testimonial. During refrains, choral vocals announce a clear message while swaying melody acts like a pendulum to once again move in countermotion behind the energizing concept.

Parallel World s permits you to breath again while navigating at a gentler pace during orchestration crescendo that nicely revolves s around lighter percussion, woodwinds, and twinkling effects, giving brief moments of interlude during this unilateral event.

Some of the introspective songs heard on 11.05 Revival could be perceived as a warning for our ecological in-actions and resulting consequence to humanity, since several songs have a deep perilous atmosphere that rightfully commands your attention.

Globalization conjures up equally deep and lighter emotions by modifying sound images in this majestic song that uniquely articulates the projection of imagery during his compositions. The deeply integrated keyboard and vocals are centered by a twinkling sequence to mirror the bright reflection of a full moon and resulting tidal effect.

Ancient Astronaut & Final Countdown take giant leaps onto the planetary surface of ambience, having an audible feel of intensity in their own domain.

While one song is geared to a constant percussion countdown timed to the precision of a second hand with far-reaching melody, another explores rich orchestration by engaging brass, winds and strings that seem to defy gravity by dynamic theatrics alongside intertwined lighter and deeper orchestra concertos.

Next Millennium has a design of the future piano melody with counter beat notes and intriguing voice box dialog that likewise competes for your attention. Moderate patterns then return with several songs set to a mid-tempo pace and feel like hear d in Evolution.

Graceful Orbit has a cycling pattern by the static effect, strings, and choir vocals, while Celestial Challenge has a voice box dialog along with flute in an engaging improv sequence and Guide To The Ozone shows a nice blend of instrumentals drawn into softer melodies that float along accordingly.

By The Sea ushers in the pleasingly relaxing voice of Cadence Spalding, where Contemporary Jazz is introduced to softer classic vocals alongside piano and saxophone accompaniment, lending a soulful and poetic touch which nicely compliments 11.05 Revival and newest release in the Eleventh Hour Series.

Mars Lasar has truly made a bold testimonial in this timely masterpiece, renewing the true spirit behind the Eleventh Hour Series while also personifying his dedication to conservation music legacy. The positive aspects of our world worth saving are clearly shown in unison with the extreme challenges ahead, exactly when the music of today’s generation and inherent staff of conservation awareness is carefully relayed into the open arms of the next generation.


11:05 Revival - Mars Lasar
Reviewed by Michael Debbage

The Eleventh Hour Series was born back in the year 1993 at a time when New Age instrumental music was at its peak of popularity. The first in the series featured the very popular track “Cellular City” that received significant radio airplay. Though the genre has since been almost wiped out, commercially speaking, Lasar continues to be one of the top dogs of instrumental music, consistently creating insightful and compelling music. Meanwhile, the Eleventh Hour Series resumes with Lasar’s latest musical smorgasbord of songs dedicated to the honor and fragility of Mother Earth.

With a total of eleven tracks, the album opens with the funky but brooding “Earthbound”, driven by a rhythmic bass, swirling keyboards and detailed percussive embellishments. Similar arrangements can be found on “Globalization”, though the melody and vocal chants bring a more significant level of optimism and inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, one of the album's most memorable arrangements can be found on the flowing mid-paced “Graceful Orbit” that showcases Mars Lasar’s ability to display his technical ability for detail without distracting from the gorgeous melody that will deeply bury itself into your memory bank. Close your eyes and let the magical musical experience and your imagination allow you to be transported to your own weightless spacewalk, floating in the vast starry sky above our wonderful earth.

Most of the remainder of the album centers around mid-tempo creations such as the unusual but compelling “Celestial Challenge” that includes an assortment of keyboard shenanigans, vocal chants and flirtatious flute work. Speaking of flirtatious, skip forward to the sultry, jazzy “By The Sea” featuring Cadence Spalding on vocals. For those of you who remember the movie "The Fabulous Baker Brothers," the song parallels the steamy scene of Michelle Pfeiffer’s red dress song performance on the piano.

In complete contrast, Lasar concludes the album with the stripped-down tender “Evolution”, illustrating the artist’s ability to be comfortable in a multitude of musical skins. This element is one of many aspects that continue to keep the Eleventh Hour Series and the music of Mars Lasar intriguing, inspiring and so far removed from being insipid.

Customer Reviews


5 out of 5 stars *****
Mars does it again
By Alicia Guinness "leash44" (Georgia, USA) 
This review is from 11.05 Revival

I've been a fan of Mars for about 15 years now, ever since I picked up an OMNI CD with one of his songs on it and I just had to hear more. Eleventh Hour was my first album purchased of Mars and I was hooked on his unique and explorative style. The Eleventh Hour series is my favorite of his works, and I will be the first to admit that a few of his latest works were a little too jazzy for me. This new album really goes back to his creative and full melodies, grand with feeling and a catchy tune in almost every song. Listening to the samples doesn't do it justice, and forget the sample on song #2, Parallel Worlds. It has a part to it that gives me goosebumps. I'm really in love with this album and it's probably the happiest I've been with his work since the first one. The only song I could really do without is By The Sea which reminds me of an 80's smooth jazz song you would hear on a lite rock station in the evening. Every album's got to have that one song you don't care for though, right?

Filmmaker Derek K. Milton
British Columbia, Canada
July 08

I was one of the lucky ones to receive the latest musical creation from instrumental artist, Mars Lasar. In short, his wonderful new album; "11:05 Revival." I have to tell you folks, you have to get your hands on this one.

As we all know, music is personal. Falling love with a style of music is as diverse as falling in love with a specific person. Some love country, others rock or punk, others easy listening while others yet live within classical or something deeply alternative. Either way, no matter the genre, we all get our
fill of musical fixation because that's what our desires, feelings and passion demands and leads us to. However... magically... that's the great thing about Mars Lasar and his 'stand-alone' music. There seems to be a sprinkling of something unique that can perk the interest of every last music lover out
there, no matter what realm of music they choose to live in. Mars has a way of touching all of us and "11:05 Revival" is a fantastic example of how that reality rings true.

As I sat listening to this tapestry of melodies from this fabulous new album, I couldn't help but marvel at how Mars has an amazing ability to have his listeners 'move' to his sounds. It's his gift. One cannot listen to 11:05, or any other of his amazing works, without some part of their body moving. It's what he does so well and for the rest of us, thank God he does. 11:05 Revival is a must-have for our CD collection. If you don't have it, you're missing out
on a slice of magic.

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