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Olympic National Park


With orchestrations to match the majesty of the spectacular Olympic National Park, Mars Lasar's musical panoramas sweep across glacial valleys, through lyrical alpine meadows, and into the secret shaded worlds of the moss-draped Northwest rain forest. The music moves effortlessly from grand, inspiring vistas to details of delicate beauty, It celebrates the area's earliest Native American settlers and, earlier still, the primal forces that originally shaped this ice-hewn land. This is the finest album yet from Lasar. A 10% donation from the sale of this album will go to the Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic Fund to assist in their efforts to preserve the park.

The Music of Olympic National Park is the fourth in Real Music's National Park series, where 10% of the proceeds from the sale of each album benefit the showcased park.

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Critic Reviews


The Music of Olympic National Park is the fourth in Real Music's National Park series, where 10% of the proceeds from the sale of each album benefit the showcased park. Mars has outdone himself to compose, arrange, perform and orchestrate this anthemic masterpiece of an album, playing all the instruments except various flutes, handled by Richard Bugg to great effect, acoustic guitar by Carlos Villobos and Winslow Crockwell, Jr., who also plays the dulcimer, and Tod Griffin on steel guitar. Remember, this is the same Mars Lasar whose heroic melodies graced the televised Olympic Games in Albertville, France.
In addition to the absolutely fabulous music, Mars has synchronized many extraordinary nature sounds so seamlessly into the music that I believe this will set a new standard of excellence in this burgeoning area. In fact, with earphones or a good stereo with a sub-woofer, expect to be startled by the stunning realism. Songs such as "Eagle Flight," so reminiscent of the first inhabitants of this crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest with thunder and eagle cries, potent drumming and a soaring melody, will simply take your breath away.
Other particularly potent tracks include the striking Native influence on "Kuyu Ancestors," filled with flutes, water and nature sounds; "Vision Quest," with horses and the hair-raising growl of cougars setting the mood; and "Sacred Land," with ocean sounds building into a fitting climax to the CD, which includes Native chanting weaving behind rattles and guitar. I strongly believe you'll find all of The Music of Olympic National Park to be well worth listening to, for a long time to come. The liner notes provide fascinating details about this most magnificent of parks. Not to be missed!

Customer Reviews


5.0 out of 5 stars *****
inspiring, uplifting
By Zendancer K.R. "Holistic Healer"
This review is from: The Music Of Olympic National Park (Audio CD)

Arrived promptly in the condition advertised. Was looking for background music for a massage...a little too lively for that perhaps, but an absolutely BEAUTIFUL album. Inspirational. Felt I was at Olympic Park! Buy it!

5.0 out of 5 stars *****
An Ethereal and Captivating
Reviewer: Enigma

It is rare to find myself captivated by a CD...I am a woman not easily impressed. When it does happen, when the music magically transports me to another plane, the experience is one of pure joy. Such was my reaction to The Music of Olympic National Park. This is one of those CD's that captures your full find yourself closing your eyes as you are cocooned within the music. My favorite tracks are Eagle Flight, Shi Beach Romance, Toleak Point and Sacred Land. Eagle Flight whisks you away to the heavens, to soar high above the clouds...I love the sound of the screaming eagle that is woven throughout this piece. Shi Beach Romance whispers of sand dunes, gulls and the gentle lapping of waves against bare feet. Toleak Point took me atop the hill overlooking the water, where I stood in breathless awe of the ethereal beauty of God's creation....this is definitely my favorite track. Sacred Land conjures up images of ancient warriors, dancing their primitive dance beneath the moon-kissed forest. Impressive, yes....and so much more.

5.0 out of 5 stars *****
Mystical and Surreal
Reviewer: skibumwa from Seattle, WA

I live in Seattle and I get out to the Olympic Peninsula quite a bit. Before every trip, I pop this CD in my car or laptop computer to get my mind away from reality. You close your eyes, here the music and suddenly the smell of a temperate rainforest fills the room. Or you smell the salt air of the wilderness coast with seagulls in the background. This CD is magnificently done. It stands only 2nd to actually visit this beautiful national park yourself. This park sits on the extreme NW point of the contiguous United States. Your best bet it to drive there from Seattle or Portland, Oregon while listening to this CD in your car. You'll soon forget all the nagging problems back at the office and be transformed into a new person as well as clean your soul with the fine music that Mars Lasar has created. Well Done Mr Lasar - well done!

5.0 out of 5 stars *****
Incredible, Great Drums
Reviewer: A music fan from Apex, NC United States

This CD has some really powerful, uplifting music. It is one of the few that I MUST sit down a listen to from beginning to end. The bass sends a soothing vibration through the air (if you turn up the volume enough) Very creative and unique. There are only a few places where you can hear defects in the recording, but if you get absorbed into the music enough you probably won't notice anything.

5.0 out of 5 stars *****
Atmospheric and Synaesthetic,
Reviewer: steel phoenix from Roseville, CA United States

I first heard "Shi Beach Romance" on a satellite moodscapes music station at work, and at the time, I only thought 'what a beautiful song.' The next day, during the downtime at the store, the song came on again, and I took the moment to really listen to it. The sounds of seagulls filled the room as Mars' guitar melodies conveyed a theme of quiet, unhurried love. Other atmospheric sounds soon joined the movement; waves, cicadas, the wind rustling through the palm trees. It was at about that point that I knew I had to buy a copy of this CD, for I had forgotten where I was momentary.
Since then, I've listened to this wonderful CD every day after work to unwind, and it certainly does the trick. If you close your eyes and imagine as "Shi Beach Romance" plays, you can actually feel the misty breeze if you're perceptive enough.
The CD opens with "Gods of Olympus" featuring harmonic chants over various sounds of wildlife and a synthesized bassline, then delivers you into the rest of the forest of Olympic National Park, and to me at least, it really did feel like a nature trail hike as I listened to each song.
For nature lovers and meditation aficionados, this CD is an easy five stars in my opinion.

5.0 out of 5 stars *****
Mood music for any nature fan
Reviewer: A music fan from San Diego, CA, USA

This is one of my favorite CDs, and we listen to it all the time at our office. It helps reduce the stress of our job, and it never bores us with repetitive vocals or intrusive loudness. It makes you feel like you are one with nature, the jungle or the forest, and the Amerindian passages are done with taste and a light touch. I think this is Lasar's finest work.

5.0 out of 5 stars *****
Just listen .........
Reviewer: Princess Amethyst from Tucson, AZ

This music will capture your heart! This CD is one you will want to listen to over and over. This CD was made by someone with alot of talent. A wonderful thing to have. Get this today! 


Eagle Flight *****

by- budpeanut - Sep 26, 2007

Majestic, Outstanding, words cannot describe the beauty of this peace, CM

Mars Lasar Website Customer Reviews

Subject: Olympic National Park Album

Just want to say I really enjoy the album Olympic National Park, I am able to relate to this album very closely. I was raised on the Olympic Peninsula and spent a lot of time hiking and fishing in the Olympic National park in my youth. The track on Elwha river brings old memories to me, I remember back in time I used to be standing there on the banks of the Elwha and fishing for salmon and steelhead just off highway 101 and watching the now deplete 5-year salmon returning to spawn. It was amazing to see how big those salmon were and the power they had. This album makes me homesick for the Great Pacific Northwest. Thank you for restoring those fond memories of my 35 years of living in the Great Pacific Northwest. I now live in Northeast Texas
Jerry S.

Subject: I Love Your Music!

I'm an illustrator/comic artist and writer. Currently, I am writing and illustrating manga (Japanese comics) for Tokyopop Germany. Your music is so inspiring to me...has been for quite some time. I love to listen to it when creating and wanted to let ya know how great you are.
In September 2005 I had a very successful kidney transplant and I listened to your Olympic National Park CD throughout the whole surgery. I had the CD player on repeat so the music would continuously play. I told the medical team how important music is to me on all levels of life, especially healing. They made sure my CD was playing during and after the operation, they even taped the earpieces to my ears.I am doing extremely well and have not had one complication. If we ever met you'd never even know I have type one diabetes and a kidney tx.
Soooo...thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Most Sincerely,
Mary H.

Subject: Olympic National Park

Hi Mars! Looking back, I realize my neck injury is a blessing in disguise. It started me on the path for which I am intended. And I thank heaven for the angels that guide me to the musicians who have inspired me along this path. In a way, they are like angels too. It is their music that soothes my soul and encourages creativity from within. Allowing me to fully express my inner being through music, fiber art and photography. I am now able to live life with more joy, love, and inner peace for which I am humbly grateful to the source of all creation. Before continuing on my journey, I would like to leave you with one last thought. I hope you are blessed with the company of angels as I am. "Angels are the light that illuminates our soul' divinity" - Kathryn Schein
Olympic National Park is one of my favorites!, the building at work has this incredible lobby 3 stories high, 40s yard across; semi-circular shape (all glass on one side) overlooking an 85,000-gal coy fishpond. It conjures up images while listening to your music!

Subject: Thank you Mars Lasar.

You have been inspiring me, my friends, and clients because you're euphoric, and sensually delicious music massages our soals ever-so deeply and satisfyingly. I only dreamed of meeting you someday and I just got this computer and got automated this week after 7 years of listening to your music. You're the first person I looked up online. The musician in me is awakened !!!... as I said to my self "I will learn to learn and enjoy the process of creating this awesome kind of brilliant music. And someday earn the right to collaborate in the production of music with you. Thanks to your music as the first choice among my clients and friends. One of my criteria for selecting music for my massages is: I must be able to play it at relatively high volumes and it still contributes to my and my friends and clients peace of mind. You also inspired me to learn to play the piano I bought a Roland A-90 in 2000. will you please make more music like Escape, Olympic National Park and also Karma.

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