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A series of uplifting and romantic adventures that capture the true spirit of the Olympic Games. This is powerful music unlike any you've ever heard.

A note from Mars:
Shortly after arriving in the USA from Australia I made a compilation of my recent work and sent them out to various labels. Out of the dozen or so tapes we sent, we had a strong reply from Real Music CA. This lead to my first artist contract. Olympus was a compilation of new and old material. I sketched out an idea for the cover and faxed it to the label, they were thrilled and the result is as you see the cover today. "Awakenings" was inspired by the Robin Williams film "Awakenings". "Black Elk" was written after working on a documentary about the Declaration of Independence and learning about the history of the Native Americans. I found some similarities between these people and the Australian Aboriginals.
Tracks from "Olympus" were used during the 1992 Winter Olympics. In fact, an official wrote to me about how my work captured the spirit of the games.
After the cover was painted it all came together. Tracks like "Victory", "Champions" and "Mount Olympus" came to life and it became clear that "Olympus" would be a collection of personal victories. Shortly after its release, the album was being played in heavy rotation on radio across the USA, I was pleasantly surprised and knew there was something to this life long experiment of mine - Let's do more!!

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Critic Reviews


Reviewed by Paul Verna, Chris Morris, and Edward Morris
Composer/synthesist/keyboardist whose tunes were used during the 1992 Winter Olympics broadcasts releases a 13-tune set of atmospheric songs including cascading "Flight Of The Phoenix," jangle "Gypsy Legend'" and soaring, pulsating "Victory." Also noteworthy is "Awakenings," inspired by the Robert DeNiro/Robin Williams movie.

Customer Reviews


5.0 out of 5 stars - Epic... just plain epic!
By Ken Kon March 14, 2018

5.0 out of 5 stars - A CD to be Heard
BySifu Zhouon
To be honest, I purchased this thinking that many tracks would be the same as on the main albums, Track 4 is my favourite, catching a dark eastern atmosphere, followed by Black Elk. There are some tracks which don't quite hack it like track 2, sounding like an Arabic budget fairy tale series theme. It's all orientated to a middle eastern new age, as you would expect, with spot-on cover art. A good mix of tracks are here giving a 'different' atmosphere - definitely one for fans of new age or for unusual backing music. Some of these tracks could have easily been used in films like 'The Mummy'.

5.0 out of 5 stars - Great Album!
By Vegan Marcoson
Format: Audio CD | Verified Purchase

This is one of my favourite albums by Mars Lasar. I have ripped this cd to my mp3 player and I always make sure to carry it with me if I'm going on a roadtrip in my car. There's something quite amazing about this cd. It is Mars at his best and it's very easy to sit through several sessions of this if you hit the repeat button. It is that good.

4.0 out of 5 stars - Anyone remembers Shen and Zhou's 1998 Olympic long program?
By Michael Schuron

I became interested in Mars Lasar's music when I watched the 1998 World Figure skating pairs long program on television. The Chinese pair of Xue Shen and Zhou Hongbo used music from Tracks one & six off this album for their program. I like this album very much. The music is modern, very innovative and very exciting.


Best CD I own *****

by Tranzwarp - May 22, 2010

I happened to hear a sample os this album while at the Pheonix airport In the early '90s. It immediately became one of my favorite CDs. Every single track is just great. The varied melodies are uplifting, palatable and relevant. 15+ years later and it is in my car (still), on my PC, and on my iPhone. If you enjoy New Age music, you truly must give this a listen. 5 Stars all the way. 

Olympus Review *****

by Moot Mabin - Jul 9, 2008

I bought this when it was first released and loved it; I still have the cassette! I find it very relaxing and if you are going into a meditative state, the music provides a good pathway. 

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