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Vertical Velocity


An audio-visionary design machine for time-travels into invisible networks of tomorrow - a form for the increasingly formless data dance of the future. Animated by the production genius of Mars Lasar, BigBox is dream cinema for your ears; an e-motional synthesis of high-tech groovology and advanced digital sound manipulation. Simmering within are eleven explosive tracks infused with hacker agility and the surreal pluralism of harmonic realities discharged in continuous hi-res feeds. Whether the hard trip-hop of Psyc Upload, the potent techtronica of Beta Fury, or the spirited drum 'n' bass of Connect 5, BigBox mainlines metapixels to your brain at a 10,000 gigabytes a second. Muscular rhythms generate an energy throb of extreme beat propulsion, uniting body and mind in crescendos of ever-increasing speed and focus. "Real-life" episodes are sampled through telescopic sensors like fleeting whispers tweezed from a megawatt rave. Sonic enzymes graft into hypertext interludes that spasm across multi-screens of the imagination. Shreds of found sound appear from nowhere, convulse the moment, and then dissolve like soft murmurs of new snow falling on the cipherous fibre of polychrome superhighways. With kicks of electric shock and the clarity of laser light, these densely packed musical movies repay numerous viewings for their edgy passion and intensely realized detail. The effect may be galvanic enough to spark an entire zeitgeist. In this respect, the bold audiovisual of BigBox stands alone.

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