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Mars Lasar

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Recent customer reviews

Date: Nov 27 2020


Subject: Incredible music

Your music is the most invigorating, powerful, interesting music I have ever heard.

Thank you for the great experience!


Date: Apr 2 2020
Subject: Sky Dancers

I think I first heard & purchased the Sky Dancers track from your CD AfterWorld on an Amazon radio New Age station, and have wanted to hear the rest of the album for quite a while. Beautiful soundscapes take me to uncharted places.
Thanks! Colleen

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020
Subject: Awakings

Hello Mars,
I truly hope you don't mind me sharing with you something that has so much feeling deep in my heart. My brother shared the CD The Eleventh Hour with me sometime in the early 90's. We were both immediately hooked.  We dissected every one of your songs and listened for everything beyond the music that you recorded in them.
Today, February 25th, marks 2 years since he has passed. The last song we heard together was Awakenings. I'm so thankful he introduced me to your amazing music. I then to did the same with my children.
Eric R.

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