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Mars Lasar

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Customer comments from listeners

Date: January 2024

Love your music, especially your "Mindscapes" albums. The first song that caught our attention a while back was "Satin Skies". Love it first thing in the morning for a pleasant entry into a new day. Thank you!


Date: August 2023

I love your music sir. It's got me through some very depressing times. To me life's greatest gifts given to us is music, animals, plants, & art. The creativity you produce is mind blowing. I have a lot of your music. There are a few that I don't have, but as time goes on, I plan to collect all of your CD'S available. Thank you very much for such a beautiful gift that you share with us. Sometimes we don't imagine just who we touch in life. You are a very gifted soul! Thank you so much!


Date: December 2023

I started listening to your music around the age of 11, and your albums -- especially The Eleventh Hour -- really stuck with me and have had a lasting impact on my life. A camp counselor played your music for me in 1993 or 1994 and I was just in awe... speechless. I still have my copy of The Eleventh Hour on CD that I used to listen to religiously on one of the very early portable CD players. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you how much your talents and music have impacted me, and I wanted to give you a long overdue 'thank you'


Date: October 2022

I have been listening to your music since probably 4 years old, parents were able to miraculously find your CD "Mindscapes". I would say that I keep on listening to your pieces throughout my whole life, always getting inspirations.


Date: Aug 2021

Track: Carmel Midnight Shores

I'm so excited to hear this! Been waiting a LONG while for another AMAZING album! You're my all time favorite. Always and forever.


Date: June 2021

Track: Temptress

Another great track. Seems to take a different theme from some of your more recent tracks . I like it a lot. The video was nicely shot, I guess it’s original? The drone footage with the horses was particularly special. Thanks.

-Super Nova

Date: Tue 25 Feb 2021

Track: Dominus
The true beauty and serenity of nature, with its soul-caressing music, pervades our souls and fills us with renewed vitality. Thank you for this special experience! I wish you a pleasant, joyful day with your beautiful minutes, with much love.


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