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Date: May 6, 2020

Subject: Muzak

To:  “”

Dear Mr Lasar

I am an old fart of 50yo.  Been playing bass since the earth cooled (play at least an hour a day for years and years and an accomplished bassist....) Just wanted to tell you How Much I Love Your Music. Really dude.  Holy cow. Thank You!!!! Very Very much.  You make my world a much better place.

Very best in the world to you.


(A HUGE fan)

Mike B

Date: January 12, 2020
Subject: Yosemite – Land Of The Giants
To:  “”
Very beautiful from start to finish. This is highly visual stuff making listening like a trek through the park itself. I'm going to use this music for relaxation, firing up my imagination and also for thematic music for my dnd games. Laser's music has never dissatisfied me and the gentle, almost, can I say emanating melodies seem to be drawn out of the natural cool!

Date: Mon, Jan 6, 2020 
Subject: You’re music 
To:  “” 
I love the way you compose your masterpieces to art and photography. I am a professional photographer and can see the paths of composure in which you are sending with your beautiful music. My favorite is your Escape Album, the song At One With You grabs my attention every time. 

Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2019
To: ""
Subject: Amy's lullabies
Dear Mars,
My wife Jelena and we got a boy Danilo Dragoslav on 05/29/2019 who is a big fan of all of Amy’s Lullabies. As baby still in the womb he would go crazy when on our Sirius XM would play Amy’s Lullaby IV. Now when he is almost 4 months old he stops doing anything he is doing at the moment( drinking milk, crying …) when he hears one of those lullabies.
Thank you for this wonderful music.
Dusan (dad)

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2018
Subject: Exquisitely Beautiful and Powerful Music
Dear Mars,
I’m a retired Minister and I know that God’s Angels put some wonderful music into your mind. I’m sure glad that you were listening. I’ve just purchased “Yosemite” and “Karma,” and the relaxing and uplifting effects that your music has had on my mind is amazing and greatly appreciated.
I’ll certainly be buying more of your music!

Date: Mon, 1 May 2017
Subject: Utopia
Homerun! That’s how I would describe Mars Lasar’s Latest album Utopia! Every song moving and captivating . A real menagerie of sounds! I’ve been listening to Mar’s for 25 years now! That’s very impressive, and that’s why he is my all time favorite Artist. So please excuse me while I have to leave now , and finish listening too the rest of Utopia! Thanks Mars!

Date: Fri, 10 February 2017
Subject: Feel a bit bad for just now finding out about this guy

But WOW, just WOW! I comb the internet and the ends of the Earth to find a great jazz/techno/world/lounge kind of sound like this! Jazz From Mars is great album and I'm now surely going to investigate his other music. I can't wait to hear this album in my headphones as I know it's gonna' freakin' rock my world! Great, amazing album so far, and I'm only about halfway through it! I really can't help but compare it to good Afrocelts [Afro Celt Sound System] music, with out the vocals.

Date: October 9, 2016
I absolutely love this CD Tahoe Spirit! I love instrumentals, new age music. I love music that "moves" (meaning it's not slow, sleepy music). I'm buying one for a friend. I've just discovered Mars Lasar, and will buy other's by him in the future.

Date: Wed, 25 May 2016
Subject: Hits the right spot.
Hey Mars,
Thanks for years of your great music. Of recent I have played the same song at least 10 times over the past 3 days. (Help !) 'Doha' from the CD Karma just seems to hit the right spot.
Regards Ben

Date: 18 Mar 2015
Subject: Through the times
Mr. Lasar,
I have many of your recording and I have to say they have inspired me and gotten me through many of life's trials. The first Olympus encouraged me in my training as a marathon runner. The second and third got me through the divorce of my first wife and many others have gotten me through both good and bad times. Please continue. I have yet to get AfterWorld but I am very much looking forward to it. I did get to hear it last summer when I went through some scary health issues and I feel it is your best to date. I have just returned to the workforce and look forward to hearing it again.
Vern Tobias

Date: 03 Feb 2015
To: and
Subject: Listening
Dear Mars,
Listening to At The End Of The Day - A Drive Through Vineyards right now and thought of you. I wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoy this CD. You have graced our lives with music and art, what a wonderful gift.  Just wanted to say WOW we are blessed by your talent.
Thank you,

Date: 23 Jul 2013
Subject: Your music

Dear Mr Lasar,
I'm writing to register my disagreement with the classification Amazon and others are used to give to your compositions.
You sir make music on its highest and elevated conception and any classification is pure misunderstanding of this level of art.
I understand the commercial aspects of the business you are involved, but at the same time calling you a "New Age" artist is far away from the reality of your work.
Congratulations. "Yosemite" is one the most beautiful artwork I ever heard. Special attention to "Glacier Point" and "Merced River".
God bless you for your inspirational art. Long life with health for you and yours.
Roberto Silva

Date: 04 Dec 2012
Subject: I think I have a great idea that could double your cd sales.
I have been a fan since The Eleventh Hour was released! I have a marking degree and have been in sales for a number of years. My family and friends love your music. I think more people should experience your music. Everyone that hears your music loves it!!!
Steve S.

Date: 20 Aug 2012
Subject: Thank you for your beautiful music =)
I just want to say that you have very beautiful music. I just found out about you only today, because I loved to listen to other music. but today I turned on the one radio in St.Petersburg (Russia) and was impressed... I've found on the Internet your other songs and listened. very beautiful songs. I was listening to music while watching your pictures. v how much you are talented =).
Thank you for this music
I'll be listen to)
Anna Mushnikova

 Date:  Jan 2012
Subject: Hello from a fellow scenic photographer
Dear Mars,
I have been doing scenic photography for more then 20 years now, and have an appreciation for the artistry that you have, not only in your photography, but in your music as well.
When I am commuting to my regular job, I have your music playing in my car. When I travel thru the air, I have your music "In Flight, Relax" playing on the MP3 player. Your music touches a part of my heart and soul as only another artist can.I feel the emotional drain of the day vanishing as I drive home listening to Sensuality. I feel so much more at peace when your music is playing.
Recently, I had to go thru an MRI on my knee, after working a long day at work. They asked me what type of music did I want to listen to, and I said "Mars Lasar". It was very relaxing, and calming as the machine made its various and sundry noises. I was so much more relaxed that on the way home from the MRI, I was driving in the right hand lane, doing the speed limit. Something that I can attribute to you and your music.
Much continued success, my artistic friend
James Kelly

Date: Nov 2011
Subject: Merci
You've created so many masterpieces that there is not much to say. Your music leaves me speechless.
There is no word to express what is rising inside the "soul" when in touch with your... well, it's far more than music in fact. It is an expression of the beauty of life all around. You clearly have achieved your destiny, the purpose of your life which is to express the essence of life through music. I'm now thinking of a quote from Victor Hugo who said "Music expresses that which can not be said and on which it is impossible to be silent" That is what you achieved.
Here is now my quote ! :) "If Heaven would have a music in the background, it would be one of yours"
"Inseparable Universe" probably :) Or the whole Karma album...or Yosemite album, or, or or....
Anyway, I'm grateful that your music came to me one day... and that the Universe conspired to help you achieve all this.
Cédric (France)

Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011
To: Mars
Subject: love your music
I must have purchased about 7 albums of your music so far from iTunes.
I absolutely love your stuff. In a busy office, in a cubicle, I am transformed and taken away, and I become very productive at what I do, which is weirdly at this moment the creation of music recording software.
You really have touched a lot of people.
Chapel Hill, NC

Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2011
To: "Mars"
Subject: Got my order and Mars you get better and better
Happy Sunday Mars,
I received my order a few days ago, Tahoe Spirit and 11.05 Revival both are awesome. I use to live in Reno Nevada so Tahoe Spirit is very special to me. You captured Lake Tahoe perfect, I enjoy Tahoe Spirit so much. It's great for my program outlined in my book
The Long Way To Simple Also I really enjoyed 11.05 Revival Thanks for you you do for me and my Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. I am a very happy man due to your Masterpieces. I pray all is well with you Mars and the Family, enjoy the time with them. I will keep in touch, Mars Lasar your the best. By the way, my book is doing very well selling well on Amazon
 All The Best,
Stephen Neafcy
Author Of "The Long Way To Simple"

Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010
Subject: Incredible
Recently I bought your cd Tahoe Spirit on a whim, and I'm stunned by the quality of your work. I don't usually listen to this type of music, but every song captures an emotion and tells a detailed story, I've had it on repeat in my car.
Thank you for making this music available to the world!!!!

Port St Lucie, Florida
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009
Subject: Re: the effects of "Black Elk" from Olympus
Dear Mars:
I just read the email letter about the cancer survivor who had used your music to assist in her healing. It brought to mind a personal memory of much the same kind of thing. A number of years ago, I had been in the habit of randomly recording music from KKNW, a jazz/new age station, in Seattle. On one Saturday evening, I picked up your song, Black Elk from your cd Mount Olympus. The following Monday, my wife was let go, without cause, from her job. To say the least, it was a very upsetting and stressful experience. In the days following she played and replayed, Black Elk. She raved about the music and the soothing effect it had on her, so I made a copy for myself to play in the car. To this day she credits your music with helping her get through this trying time. Your music has a quality that is magical and almost defies description. To us, there is no question of the spiritual essence present in all of your songs. Many, many thanks.
Yours truly,
Robert, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009
Subject: Your music--and my anxiety
Mars: Your music really helps me relax and calm down. I suffer from pretty severe anxiety, which, at times, becomes agonizing. However, when feeling this way, I pray, and listen to your music. Specifically, MindScapes, Vol. 3-Satin Skies helps me a great deal. It allows me to put things into perspective and realize how lucky I am to have what I have--a wonderful wife and two beautiful little girls.

Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009
Subject: letter
It's been many years now but the first time I heard any of Mars' music was on Soundscapes on the cable tv. It was Sapphire Dreams. From the first note I was hooked. Every time I heard it, even when I was asleep I would wake up and listen to it and write the title down and the artist. Well over a period of time I had quite a few of my "notes" written down and finally, months later I took the time on the computer to search Mars out. I HAD to have this cd. So I bought it. Well, i'm a cancer patient and have been for some time now. But his music really touched my soul in a way that nothing else has. And that is a tough statement for me because i'm a person of faith and I would like to think that God stirs my soul more. :) Well, as I would listen to this cd while up at the treatment center, My blood pressure would stay down, and I wouldn't spike the fevers a person gets from time to time while having treatment. The days I didn't remember my cd. The treatment took longer due to blood pressure rising, spiking fevers etc...
So I started to share the cd with the others who was there at the time....... they loved it.
So then I went on to purchase Blue Maze. A little different but great non the less. Same thing. Then from there on I was on a search. As I was searching for more.... the local music store found some of his MindScapes, Moonlight was my first purchase from the group, then followed by Satin Skies etc.... They are absolutely amazing as is ALL his work. There are a few cd's I do not have but pick and choose the ones that really "move" me so to speak.
I also have his "Big Box" cds. Great to work out to. Really. Those are more upbeat etc... then Oh my gosh, the Christmas CDs! How can anyone ever listen to anything else again. LOL
Ok, as for the Moonlight cd. I just couldn't really get people to "understand" how this music can really touch someone's soul...... well, my husband had come down really ill....... could not sleep, was getting worse, medication not really helping and he was getting worse..... as most people know, lack of sleep/rest is one of the main reasons people do NOT improve while ill. Well, I begged my husband to just "try" listening to the Moonlight cd just for a while, while he laid on the couch....... WOW, amazingly enough, he was out like a light........ now when he travels he takes my Moonlight cd with him to help him relax etc... More than once we've struggled with sleeplessness and put the moonlight cd in and only to find ourselves waking up rested the next morning. We set it to replay in the player at night on those nights we fight sleep.
I now have my first grandbaby..... a boy...... he is now 4 months old and the only thing he really hears when he's here is Mars' music. The nights I have him all night, he goes to sleep with Moonlight. During the day it's several varieties of Mars' music.. I was hoping that with the new MindScapes that there might be some pictures with them as well. I'm not complaining by no means. Just love his work.
Well, I hope this isn't too much. In a nutshell, his music is healing, soul-stirring, calming, energizing etc.... he covers it all. I just know that myself and a few others during our treatment wouldn't have done as well as we did if it wasn't for his music. Treatment days can be very long and his music helped us get out a bit sooner I believe.
Thanks for listening.
HUGS to all of you

Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009
Subject: guestbook
I haven't emailed you in while. its been such a long time since i heard the song called "Flight Of The Phoenix" on the radio. didnt catch the artist name so i did the long search of looking through 1000s of cds in the record store just looking for the song in the song list. I was so over joyed when i finally found it. friend never heard it , when got into the truck and put it in, he was also hooked. back then had the loud stereo. cruised the boardwalk at the beach with it blasting. have alot of your cds but,have gotten behind on the new ones. some that you autographed to me that was still sealed in celephane i will have to order again. i havent been able to let myself open them yet.
All the best!!!

Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009
Subject: I'm a music lover in China
Dear Mars Lasar,
I've been a fan of your fantastic music for 15 years since The Eleventh Hour. I bought this CD in London when I was studying my MSc programme in UK. I was attracted by the imaginary cover at first and after listening I was totally drown into the soaring melodies and intensely textural audio landscapes. It was a perfect example of new age music. I've kept listening to your works and I'm so glad to see another new album of the 11th hour series has been released. I listened to the samples from your website and the music is as amazing as the debut 11th hour! I'd like to buy the album but as I'm working in China now and the CD was not sold in Chinese market yet. How can I purchase through your website and how much is the shipping fee to China mainland? Thank you so much.
I also hope your albums would be sold in China soon and let more people know about your music. As I know, there are a large population of music lovers of new age music in China and this is a huge potential market, I believe so.
Wish luck and looking forward to more enchanting music from Mars :)
Your faithfully,

Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2009
Subject: Sweet music...
Soft and it makes warm the soul and brings good and nice thinking for all the World. Thank you for your such wonderful mind to be able to 'build' these nice presents for us.
With respect, Antoneta

Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008
Subject: Happy New Year
Thanks so much for making your music available on eMusic. You certainly do seem to stay busy. Such amazing talent. You must be enormously pleased with yourself and if you aren't you should be..... so go ahead.... it's ok.

Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008
To: Mars
Subject: Message for Mars Lasar
Hello, I want to say what you do is absolutely wonderful !!!!
Absolutely wonderful.
Best regards to you
Floris R

ITunes 08 review : Karma
I have listened to this album Karma countless times and nver tired of it. The music is healing, uplifting, and soul-touching. the sounds are interesting and full of character. The CD is an interesting experience.

ITunes 08 review: Eagle Flight
Eagle Flight from Olympic National Park is majestic, outstanding, words cannot describe the beauty of this piece.

ITunes 08revie: Olympus
I bought Olympus when it was first released and lover it; I still have the cassette! I find it very relaxing and if you're going into a meditative state the music provides a good pathway.
Moot Mabin

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008
Subject: letter from Russia
Dear Mr. Lasar!
I like listening to music from You. My most favourite tracks: Escape and Unity. You are very talented composer! And I am from Russia, city Saint-Petersburg.
Best Regards, Pavel

Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008
Subject: Hi from Brasil
Just want you to know that your sweet and touching music is listened here, so far away from you... Thousand angels take care of you always and thank you.

Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008
Subject: 11.05 Revival
Hi Mars,
Congrats to your new release 11.05 Revival. I'm totally impressed of some special tracks like:
Parallel Worlds, Celestial Challenge, Guide to the Ozone and Evolution ... they are scintillating gems to me. Wonderful ...
Kind regards Will

Date: Tue, 08 July 2008
Subject: Soothing and Relaxing
Hi, I'm from Malaysia and I just discovered Mars' music recently. I got hooked up with his music when I first heard Inseperable Universe! The music is so soothing. I really feel relax and stress-feel listening to the songs.

Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008
Subject: The Eleventh Hour

Sometimes it's hard to say whether a work of art moves you for it's intrinsic value, or if it affects you deeply because of the events in your life that have brought you to a point where you can be receptive to it. When The Eleventh Hour came to my attention in 1993, I was nearing a crossroads in my life. The undercurrents of change were just beginning to push me towards the brink of a new phase in life. I'll always look back on the album in that way, a harbinger of my own personal change.

Mon, 19 May 2008
Subject: Simply; Thank You
I like your mellow music the best. I purchased Blue Maze and Nocturnal Diaries. Thank you for the Mars radio as well. That is a very generous thing to do. Smart as well, if I could not have listen to so much of your music I probably would not have bought any.

Date: Mon, 12 May 2008
Subject: Absolutly Incredible
I cannot find a more " Hippy " way to say this but I'm so in tune with your music I haven't heard all the albums yet but... I own a few and one's The Eleventh Hour and its completely amazing, your music is pure brillance, I wish i could somehow help spread your music to the world because some people dont know that music can really play an important role in stress relief and with that an overall better life, I started writing this message saying I wasn't gonna type much but your music has been around me since I was young, I'm 18 now and I expose your music every chance I get... when I had a car your CD never left the disc changer, and when anyone listened, couldn't as hard as they try, couldn't fight the intensity. I would love to see your work in person.. Come on I'm literally I'm beggin ya lol just kidding but times are rough on me and that would be a great gift to a Big fan....All the way from
Atlantic City.
Preston P.

Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2008
Subject: message
Hello. I'm from Azerbaijan. My name is Elnur. It is a long time that I've listened to Mars Lasar. Truely it is hard for me to express my thoughts about Mars Lasar. I am fond of his music. I see nature, mountains, forests, beauty in his music. I really rest when I listen to him. Great music, Great composer... Thank you for your universal music! I'll write to you. Bye!

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008
Subject: You Are The Master of New Age Music
I was in Massachusetts one weekend serving in the Reserves, went to the mall and started looking through the New Age section of the music store I was in and came across your album The Eleventh Hour. Having never heard any of your music prior to that visit, I thought, “the art work on the album cover looked pretty nice, I think I will give it a try”. As soon as I put the disc into the player of my car, I was forever hooked. I had never heard New Age music played the way you do it. I had goosebumps going up and down my arms listening to this album. I think I left in my player for perhaps 2 months before finally pulling it out. I played this disc so much that I wore out the middle part of the disc and it started skipping. I recently purchased a new copy of The Eleventh Hour and immediately saved it on my Windows Media Player for future storage on an IPOD. Your music is so incredible to listen to. It wasn’t long after that I bought Escape and Olympus. Then I learned you made some follow-up albums to The Eleventh Hour that I desperately need to get. I have only heard samples of 11.02, but playing “Cyber City” reminded of “Cellular City”. I LOVE IT! Until I got the link to your website, I did not realize how many albums you have done since The Eleventh Hour. I have been sampling them all and find them to be absolutely incredible to listen to and can’t wait to have your entire collection. I have a LOT of catching up to do. You are, the MASTER OF NEW AGE MUSIC, hands down. I love having discovered this genre of music back in the 80’s. It’s so surreal. There is so much enjoyment in listening to New Age, and no one who is a true fan of this genre should not go without adding the music of Mars Lasar to their collection. It’s like no Rock and Roll collection will ever be complete without having Led Zeppelin. As far as I am concerned, you have most deservingly earned that honor for New Age music.
Jerry R.

Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008
Subject: Legendary
The first album I bought of yours was The Eleventh Hour, right after it had been released, and immediatly reckognized it as something groundbreaking & different. Your ability to capture so much emotion & surrealism captivated me two minutes into the first track. I have so enjoyed your music every since. Another thing I appreciate is the sound is so crisp and diverse, I can always look forward to a fresh perpective with each melody, &/or album. Many of your tracks evoke visions of the greatest treasures in life; hope, reverence, peace, romance, tranquility, and not to forget, Thanks Mars, for helping the day go by a little better. Take your time on your endeavours Mars. You will be remembered well.

Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008
Subject: WOW!
As an older person, I don't always take to "change" but your music has been an inspiration to me. I have bought three of your albums so far, YosemiteHoliday High, and BABY ESCAPES, volumn 1 and love them all equally. I especially love your "soft side" and the ones with the ethereal voices. Keep up the good work! I plan on buying more in the near future.

Subject: Final Frontier
Dear Mars,
I just purchased Final Frontier and I think the music is right up there with Eleventh Hour. I definitely inspires as advertised. All of your albums that I have are very enjoyable. Keep up the good work!!

Subject: Olympic National Park Album
Just want to say I really enjoy the album Olympic National Park, I am able to relate to this album very closely. I was raised on the Olympic Peninsula and spent alot of time hiking and fishing in the Olympic National park in my youth. The track on Elwha River brings old memories to me, I remember back in time I used to be standing there on the banks of the Elwha and fishing for salmon and steelhead just off highway 101 and watching the now deplete 5 year salmon returning to spawn. It was amazing to see how big those salmon were and the power they had. This album makes me homesick for the Great Pacific Northwest. Thank you for restoring those fond memories of my 35 years of living in the Great Pacific Northwest. I now live in Northeast Texas
Jerry S.

Subject: inseparable universe
when i first heard Inseparable Universe, i was immediately transported decades back in time to a rainy night in 1971 when i was stationed in udorn , thailand. i was deeply in love with a beautiful thai girl and we had went out after the rains had quit to go to a favorite restaurant for a late meal. we were riding in a samlar (a thai pedicab/ a tricycle taxi) through the chinese section of udorn when i heard the beautiful, ethereal, disembodied voice of a young woman singing to the accompaniment of a high pitched string instrument. we were on a bridge over a klong (canal) lined with houses that had balconies facing the water. i called the driver to a halt and my girl, the driver and i sat there quietly and listened to the song. it seemed to float on the mist rising from the river and strangely, the wind in the trees seemed an intentional accompanist . her voice quavered in the oriental manner, but it was so rich and beautiful. she seemed to be far away , down the klong , lost in the dark. the song faded and rose and faded away altogether. we sat there for a long while without speaking, just listening to the wind in the trees and feeling the cool mist on our faces. almost sadly, the drive mounted his seat, and looking over his shoulder to us said, "suay...... suay mak." (beautiful, very beautiful). my girl had her head on my shoulder and was holding my hands . i put my arm around her and we went on to the restaurant. hearing that song, that night, was one of the singularly most beautiful moments of my life. i had lost that moment to the dark mists of time and i thank you for bringing it back to me again. the voice in inseparable universe so resembled what i heard that night that it is uncanny. bless you for that song. i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Subject: Réf. : re: At The End Of The Day

Subject: My Mars Library
Dear Mars,
Since I first wrote to you about my "discovery" of your beautiful music, I've really accumulated many of your cd's. It's hard to pick my favorite, but I think Olympus is about the closest. Your music suits all kinds of moods, and I play it accordingly. I've just ordered Holiday High. Thank you also for the complimentary Blue Maze cd which you sent with 11:22 Arrival. I really enjoy ordering directly from your website!

Subject: Magnificent music
I've been a fan since I first heard Olympus album back in 1992. My favorite songs on Yosemite "Valley of the Giants" are "El Capitan" and "Sentinel Meadow", both which take you to places you want to be in a wonderful environment of the mind. Thank you for your work of great music! I'd like to see a new "Big Box" release sometime in the future. Also, when is a follow up to Final Frontier coming?
Dan G
Sugar Land, TX

In my opinion Yosemite Valley Of The Giants is the best album Mars Lasar has released. Just listen to track 4 Tioga Road or even better track 11 Valley of the Giants - this to me sounds a lot of Vangelises "Heaven and Hell" with the beautiful vocals. But I think the entire album is beautiful crafted, of course only in my opinion. And make no mistake, you must like this type of music to appreciate it. This is truly the "Valley of the Giants"
Jens M NSW Australia

Subject: Hello from Morristown TN : )
A couple of years ago, I used to listen to an easy listening station (ez88 – Maynardville TN – now they only play standards). They played a song that captivated me every time I heard it. I called the station and learned it was The Blessing on your Escape CD. I tried for 6 months to get it and it was “always on backorder.” I finally found it at along with Fields of Gold. I made a copy for my daughters and my brother-in-law. We love your music and wish there were stations that would play more of your music. How can we help that to happen?
Please continue to produce beautiful music. You are so appreciated.
Mary - Morristown TN

Subject: Fantastic
Greetings to Mars...
Fantastic !!!!
I am sure you have heard that before, But your work is REALLY something.
I truly enjoy your music. Thank you for sharing your creations.
Ron, Kathy & Mia

Subject: I Love Your Music
Mars, I found Sapphire Dreams at my local library and it opened up a whole new world of music for me. I find your music thought provoking and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your original and unique talent.
Sherry B.

Subject: sapphire dreams
I really love this CD. Sapphire Dreams I play it all the time while I'm having dinner. Very talented and romantic. I plan to purchase more of your music.
Milton C.

Subject: I got a alot of catching up to do
found your website. Been a fan of your first album. but then couldn't find anything else of yours. then i found 18. 18!!!! other albums. I got a lot of catching up to do. and boy thats going to be a lot of fun.
Clayton Ohio.

Subject: Thank you
I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Your music has inspired and uplifted my wife and I for many years.
Robert F.

Subject: New Discovery
I am a brand new fan. I first discovered you and your beautiful music on Soundscapes, a cable music channel. The song I fell in love with was Amy's Lullaby IV. So I looked you up on the Internet and I now have four of your albums and 2 more on order. I introduced your music to my daughter, and now she is also "hooked". I am a senior citizen who just lost her husband a few months ago, and your music has been one of the very few things that has given me a lift since. I 'm going to collect all of your music as I am able. I'm also anxious to hear your Christmas albums. Currently, the sound on my computer has died, but I don't have to have a preview of your music. I love it all.


Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007
Subject: Greetings Mars!
I've been a fan of your music since Olympus and want to say thank you - your music is a true imaginative force - fueling listener's soul and imagination with EMOTIONS... I am a musician too...well..sort of - i don't use any computer programs (wish i could but i have little time to master them!) as I compose music (in my free time) with my bare hands using old Ensoniq KS-32... My favourite piece of music of your is Diabolique from 11.04 Panorama...i don't know why but to me it contains so much emotion that i couldn't find in any other composition to date...

Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007
Subject: general comment
Hi... just wanted to drop a quick email to say how much we enjoy Mars' music, especially A Christmas From Mars. It is hands down the most beautiful collection of Christmas music I have ever heard. It's so easy to quickly tire of Christmas music during the holidays, yet I can't say that of Mars' music. It's completely mesmerizing. Everyone I've played it for this past holiday rushed out and bought the CD. I hope he considers doing another one.
Keep up the fantastic work!!!
Warmest Regards,
Tim & Patricia

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007
Subject: I Love Your Music!
I'm an illustrator/comic artist and writer. Currently I am writing and illustrating manga (Japanese comics) for Tokyopop Germany. Your music is so inspiring to me...has been for quite some time. I love to listen to it when creating and wanted to let ya know how great you are.
In September 2005 I had a very successful kidney transplant and I listened to your Olympic National Park CD throughout the whole surgery. I had the CD player on repeat so the music would continuously play. I told the medical team how important music is to me on all levels of life, espescialy healing. They made sure my CD was playing during and after the operation, they even taped the ear pieces to my ears.I am doing extememly well and have not had one complication. If we ever met you'd never even know I have type one diabetes and a kidney tx.
Soooo...thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Most Sincerely,
Mary H.

Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007
Subject: Inseparable Universe
About a year and a half ago my girlfriend and I, who had been together about three years, were having severe difficulty in our relationship. Things had truly come to a crisis. It felt as though all hope was lost, and I was very deeply hurt at the prospect of losing her, and her me. I often fall asleep with my satellite radio on in the background. On August 27, 2005 at about 3 am I was inexplicably and gradually awakened. My subconscious mind was overwhelmed by the soft and loving tones which filled me with an openness and sense of yearning without conditions. My heart was consumed with a true reality and depth of my love for this woman, and the desire to transcend any and all limitations between us so that we might truly become one together, unfettered by the absurd inconsequentials that life often brings into our world to confuse and limit us all. As I fully awakened, I became aware of the lovely harmonies and the mystically direct theme that was caressing my ears. I also became exaltently overcome with emotion and began weeping in my pillow. I finally opened my eyes to view the scan on my radio. I wanted to see what this music was and who had performed such beautiful sounds. It read "INSEPARABLE UNIVERSE" from KARMA by Mars Lasar. It was at this moment I fully realized that she and I indeed were part of an inseparable universe, and I vowed to myself to do all possible in a loving and positive productive way to show her my true commitment to working things out between us. Soon after, we sought counselling, and much has gone on since, most of it a test to our togetherness, from illness to deaths, and even court trials. Amazingly, a year later, despite all our challenges, the Universe did finally open up to us in the most positive of ways on every score. We are now very happily married. Fittingly, "INSEPARABLE UNIVERSE" was played at our wedding. Thank you deeply, Mars, for reaching into my soul to help me see at a very tough time what really matters in life - unconditional love. This my wife and I have for each other, and it is sublime. Your music changed my life!
Larry B.

Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006
Subject: I really enjoy listening to your music!!!!
Dear Mr. Lasar,
My name is Melissa N. and I live in Melbourne, Florida and I have a very dear friend that introduced me to your music and the first time heard OLYMPUS I was blown away. I had always listen to Jazz but this was the first time I had listened to Mars Lasar, I was like WOW that is totally awesome. And then I heard The Eleventh Hour that was great. And my friend has loaned me ESCAPE and that is really awesome, and I have a new CD of your's that I really enjoy as well YOSEMITE ( Valley Of The Giants ) that one is great as well. Keep up the awesome work and I hope to hear more from you soon.
Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year " 2007 "
Your's Truly,
Melissa N.

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006
Subject: Hello
I just started listening to you music and it is really wonderful. A very dear friend of introduced me to your music and i have to say I am very happy and I love it. It is so relaxing and I have to I will buy your music. Iove it.
Yours Truly,
Melissa N

Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006
Subject: your music
I have been listening to your wonderful music since you started, quite a few years ago. I loved new age when it seemed nobody knew what I was talking about. It is the most wonderful and uplifting music, nothing else comes close. I have had trials in my life but, listening to your beautiful harmonizations and rhythms has been edifying and kept me strong. Thank you for sharing your talent and gift of music. Today even though I am older, your music resonates in my home, and, my ten year old granddaughter loves sharing in the magic. Again thank you for your melodic masterpieces,
Respectfully, Charmian M

Date: December 1, 2006
Subject: Christmas from Mars
Hi Mars...
Now, I know you've probably had your share of pats on the back for music you've created over the years and may or may not be receptive or even interested in that. However, we cannot allow this letter to pass by without stating how beautiful it is. In fact, Christmas from Mars 2 could very well be the most beautiful Christmas album we've ever heard. Given that I have a huge passion for music (and is a mystery why I never learned to play), then you can be sure that I don't give that assessment lightly. There is something deeply moving about the way you've constructed this album. You've managed to take the traditional Christmas melodies that we all know and love and morph it into something truly special. That takes great talent because more often that not, it's merely a repeat of the same old. Not in this case. This album is a tapestry and since we've had it on all day long here (on a sound system that warrants it), it was easy to fall in love with it straight out of the gate. Major kudos go out to you.
Christmas is a special season for many people. And, that certainly rings true around this house. We've had our decorations out since November 14. Anyway, since this season means so much to my family because we're a bunch of kids at heart, then this new album from you will be something that I can assure will be well played. Again, sincerely,
thank you very much indeed.
Derek USA

Date: 01-Nov-2006
Subject: Veteran in New Age music
Mars Lasar is one of the veterans in the whole New Age music history. I was nicely surprised, when I saw Mars, here in this music portal. I can speak a lot about his creation, but I will set landmarks to his recent releases. For those who doesn't understand what I am talking about I recommend to get in touch with Mar's music right the way. Top notch atmospheric textures, with marvelous piano chords, great orchestration which was too innovative in the early years of New Age music - "Escape" (album'95), ethnic approaches mainly met in his album "Karma" and smooth beats. Although my favourite one is "Panorama 11.04". Great stuff and would like more to come in near future. The only thing I want to know is when will be the next release of Mars Lasar. Extremely recommend to all fans of this genre.

Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006
Subject: Can't get enough!
Hello Mars,
I am from the US and have been enjoying your music since I first heard "The 11th Hour" CD back in 1994. It has been a pleasure to listen to your music and hear the changes, or should I say, ranges of styles that you have used over the years. I am particularly fond of a track entitled "FINAL ODYSSEY" from 11:02. It sticks with me for a while when I listen to it. It creates an ambiance of a soothing transition from this world to the next. Yes, as morbid as it sounds, I would like to have this track played at my funeral. Anyway, that track along with several others within the Yosemite-Valley of the Giants CD, are very compelling and beautiful. How do you do it? What motivates your thinking in putting together an album like this and then turn around and do another 11th Hour series CD or the awesome Big Box CDs? You have a great talent in many different styles of music and I am thankful for artists like yourself.
Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Keep the wonderful music coming. I am running out of CDs to buy!!!

Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006
I collected eleven Mars Lasar albums over the last three years and could not pick a favorite album among the ten hours of diverse and innovative music. Having listened daily to Yosemite, Valley of the Giants for the last month, I suddenly realized that this is my favorite Mars Lasar album and the best CD that I purchased this year. Mirror Lake and Glacier Point are pure joy and the other songs are close to perfection. Mars Lasar is a landscape musician whose music conjures mental pictures of scenic views, like Sibelius' Finlandia and Smetana's Moldau. While I enjoy the songs with drum rhythms, the romantic, sentimental melodies like the Amy Lullabies and Royal Lake are inspirational and wonderful. PS, I put away all my classical CDs three years ago, entered the 21st century, and now listen to New Age and World music.
Shirley Qan

Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006
Subject: Blue Maze - Yosemite, Land of the Giants
I recently ordered both the Blue Maze CD and the Yosemite CD - All I can say to both of them is WOW!!!! I play the Blue Maze CD at least three times each day and the Yosemite - Land of the Giants twice - ( I run out of time to listen to it any more than two times. ) Both are incredible. I hope that you will put out a follow up to the Blue Maze CD as it is music that is soothing to all. Keep up the great work !! Love your stuff !!!!!!!!!!
Ron C

Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006
Subject: Hellow Master Mars Lasar
Hello Mars, I am Anthony, I live in fremont, california and was having a very awesome dream the other night. I was dreaming that I was in a large room, the size of a gym, but it was decorated like a room. There were about twenty four individuals in there, and when the master of the room flicked on the switch we had the ability to float and we were able to float around the room. The minute the master turned off the switch we were condemned to the floor. I woke up and because I always fall asleep to music choice on my t.v. when I woke up your song Rapture was playing. WOW it was a song that was my dream in music format, I got chills listening to the magical sound of that womans Angelic voice as it went up and down. I do Professional Acting, Modern Art, and Poetry.
I feel that your music can help compose the shapes of my modern art, Especially the 11.04 music. I would love to create some pieces together if you ever would grace me with your presence. Now I feel I need to collect all your music and tell everyone about your gifts.

Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006
Subject: RE: My best inspiration..
Absolutely my all time favorite music, you inspire some of my best assemblage and abstract works. I especially like listening to your Blue Maze album, sitting on the porch in the summer heat, very sensual and relaxing stuff.
I'd like to hear more like it. Also like the Big Box and Vertical Velocity, great painting music...more, more more.
And of course the 11th Hour albums, take me to far away and exotic places, that show up in my digital works.
Best Regards,

Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 17:22:20 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: re: Thank you from Mars Lasar
I am a singer with the Band of the US Air Forces In Europe. I tell everyone I know about your music who is serving with me in defense of peace in the world. I wish your music could be heard even by the ones we call our enemies, that it might erase their hatred and inspire their souls into recognizing the joys of being alive. I would love to tell the same thing to Swiss harpist and one of the greatest musicians to walk the earth, Andreas Vollenweider. Every time you have a new idea in your studio, I will look forward to hearing it.
Geoffrey F

Date: Wed, 10 May 2006
Subject: Olympic National Park
Hi Mars! Looking back, I realize my neck injury is a blessing in disguise. It started me on the path for which I am intended. And I thank heaven for the angels that guide me to the musicians who have inspired me along this path. In a way they are like angels too. It is their music that soothes my soul and encourages creativity from within. Allowing me to fully express my inner being through music, fiber art and photography. I am now able to live life with more joy, love, and inner peace for which I am humbly grateful to the source of all creation. Before continuing on my journey, I would like to leave you with one last thought. I hope you are blessed with the company of angels as I am. "Angels are the light that illuminates our soul' divinity" - Kathryn Schein
Olympic National Park is one of my favorites!, the building at work has this incredible lobby 3 stories high, 40s yard across; semi-circular shape (all glass on one side) overlooking an 85,000-gal coy fishpond. It conjures up images while listening to your music!

Pans Panoramic Dimensions. Lasar's greatest in many years!
September 30, 2005
Although the original Eleventh Hour is without a doubt my favorite release of his to this very day and always will be, I cannot deny how supervised I was at how great his most recent release 11:04: Panorama really is. I could arguably say that this is second behind the original outing of this series and is even better than the excellent 11.02 from six years before. Unfortunately as of writing this review, I totally blinked and have missed the third one entitled When Worlds Collide as of writing this review. Anyhow back to "Panorama", the music on here is stunningly beautiful yet also powerful and while it has the spirit of the 1993 original, "Panorama" has a totally different sound altogether yet has the magic that turned me to Lasar's music from that point and will to my last days on earth and maybe beyond.
The title track is my favorite song on this entire album with a beautiful wavy electronic melody that reverberates between the left and right ears and a beautiful mix of flutes, African voices, and a beautiful trumpet. I don't know how Mars did it but "Panorama" the song is without a doubt the greatest song that he has composed in so many years and would easily stand shoulder to shoulder with anything on the original Eleventh Hour. The part of the song towards the latter half with the walkie-talkie voice saying "we're under oath" during selected holidays as well as saying that "Enron could become code" has forever struck a chord with me and I would say that even without lyrics, this song is one of the best socially-conscious tracks that I've ever listened too. Fabulous job Mars!

From: Mick
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006
Subject: Karma CD Mars Lasar,
I have the "seeking serenity" CD and my favorite tracks are Inseparable Universe, Enchanted & Seventh Journey which I see is off your album Karma. I play the seeking serenity" CD all day long when I am at the office. I also play it while doing massage and a few other services that I provide. It's a great compilation to relax and trance out to.
I just wanted to say how much I love your tracks and soon I'll get the full Karma CD to hear the rest.
Best Wishes,

From: "Robert R."
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006
Subject: Music -
Of Course ! I came across your relaxing music while listening to XM Channel 77. It is beautiful.
Keep up the great music.
Robert in Phoenix, AZ

From: Carmen
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006
Subject: in greeting him
Dear Mars Lasar, There is a long time thought in greeting him, for the magnificent, odd and divine work. God exists! And through his/her Filho Jesus, from where arises all of the positive things, to that that everything fills out, we thanked the happiness of hearing their music, sounds future, sounds beginning, sounds life and happiness of reaching Mars Lasar's reality.
Thanks to God for you exist, for the talent that you exercise leaving the world colored, kind, beautiful and possible. I dream a lot about your answer, I am hearing "Go For the Gold" amazes! That your life is like this, full of love and color and in this Brazil, I proceed with your songs.
Thank you for everything Mars. Be very happy with your family and in
your projects.

From: "Pablo"
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006
Subject: Pablo
Hello Mrs. Lasar, first I World like to congratulate you for you work. I am
Pablo from Per? and I love your music and my favorite is Panorama
, Untouchable. I like that kind of music and I know is new age, but I
have a question and with all respect I wish to know what kind of studies
that you took or a career that you followed because I want to be like you. I
am planning to study in Holland, but I don?t know what the name of the
career is that can make me become a musician of new age music. I am very
creative and I like to modify sounds. I will be so thankful is you answer my

Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006
Subject: Beautiful Dear Mars,
beautiful texture, space and a wonderful organic sense to your music,
My name is Eric Petersen. I am also a composer.
I spotted your name and started thinking "wait a minute" I remember
that name,
All the best, you're very talented !

Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006
Subject: your music
Dear Mars
I just came across your music on the net - great stuff ! -
I'm a composer just starting out in this big musical world. Just to let you know you're an inspiration.
keep up the good work :>)

Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006
Subject: Finding more!
I just got the 11:02 CD and have enjoyed it as much as The Eleventh Hour. If you could wear out a CD I would have worn out The Eleventh Hour. I enjoy your style of music. † am planning to add to my collection by buying the other Eleventh Hour CD's. I also have Olympus. Keep up the fantastic work.

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 19:22:43 EST
Subject: AWESOME
I recently heard your 11:02 CD and was astonished at what I heard. I especially liked "House of Thieves" and "Toxic Orchestra". You definitely have a new listener.

From: Wilhelm Luecken
Date: Dec 7 2005
Subject: "Christmas from Mars"
How skeptical I was when I put the new disc from Mars Lasar into the CD-player. No more christmas-songs .. I thought ... not again? Holy Night?... I've listened to it a thousand times before. But what a surprise: each song revealed to be a masterpiece of subtle jazz-pop-music like Mars' incredible project, Hush - Blue Maze. Far away from trash and silly mainstream, but very exciting and sophisticated. All the originals are transformed by Mars into his own style of catchy melodies. The listener will suspect the traditional songs only for short moments. The rest is Mars Lasar's typical handwriting of completed music in higher spheres with rich warm textures of harmonies, fulfilling every dream of perfect music. Excellent producing, a feast for the ears.
Will Luecken (Cologne, Germany)

From: Austin Sina Adabi
Date: Dec 5 2005
Mars, you are the greatest , I know you since your Olympus album , my days and nights are with your music.your music gave me a lot of hope, motivation and inspiration. I design some of my furniture when I was listening to your music ( I even start learning music and have my own studio (very beginner) .It is my biggest wish to be able to shake your hand and take a photograph with you.Also it would me my honor if I can be of any assistant for your furniture need.
Thanks for your great music always.
Austin Sina Adabi.

From: "Michael Carr"
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2005
Subject: Celebrating "Eleventh Hour's" 10th year of existence
Dear Mars Lasar
It's been quite a while since I last sent you an e-mail so I'll reintroduce myself. My name is Michael Carr. I'm from Chicago, Illinois, USA and I wanted to tell you about my experience with the ultimate New Age album that is entitled "The Eleventh Hour". Quite clearly, it's not hard at all for me to come up with the answer to which is the best New Age album ever made. For me, it's "The Eleventh Hour". It's not just a great album but it actually defined and altered a period in my childhood back in 1993 when it was released. I was just ten years old and barely diving into New Age music at the time but felt like it was just mushy meditation music but when I happen to hear "Cellular City" and then "In The Den" and I was hooked to "The Eleventh Hour" for life and my views on New Age changed forever. I now think of this genre as intense and awesome, perhaps even 'cool'. I love New Age that is intense and unsettling in atmosphere. I can still remember when my imagination ran wild and sometimes even crying from the depth of "In The Den" and "Children Of The World" and other songs from the CD back around that time and even remember the sheer bliss I felt when I happen to listen to it on a portable CD player when at a Botanical Garden near Chicago a few years ago. Those wonderful images of what the Eleventh Hour implanted in my mind absolutely run crystal clear today. I just wanted to write this to tell you that "The Eleventh Hour" is by far the best New Age album that has ever been made and that it altered a period in my life. I have a condition called Asperger's Syndrome, a very mild form of autism where I was completely withdrawn in my own fantasy world for the first eight or nine years of my life and although it took some time, I credit "Eleventh Hour" for bringing me out to the real world and now today, the album is a part of my life and always be. Every song on the CD is beyond words and EH has lost none of it's meaning at all and still holds up to this very day. Today, with all of the horrible political garbage that has been ruining this country (The USA), "The Eleventh Hour" I feel, is an essential need. Like it's theme (From what I'm guessing) is about the world being in jeopardy from the wasteful lifestyles of modern civilization, the album has a much more earth-shaking power right now because of all the wars and political crimes that the USA has unlawfully unleashed against the world and causing chaos all over the world. "Eleventh Hour"'s theme absolutely rings true to this day and even more so now with the dangerous times that we all are facing at the moment and I think that more people should take this album into attention, not only for it's absolute beauty and enjoyability, but for it's powerful messages and intelligence. I would say the same for "11:02" and "Karma". Speaking of "Karma", this might sound kind of odd but while "11:02" was intended to be the follower to 11th Hour, I actually think that "Karma" is the closest cousin to "11 Hour" and that album, as well as 1102, also defined a period in my life. When I listened to "Karma", I felt that it had just the right kind of odd, and sometimes even ominous melodies that I felt could easily have fit on "11h Hour" especially "Sacrifice" and "Tara". All in all, all three of these albums I mentioned are the best New Age albums that have ever been put into existence and I feel appalled at the lack of attention that they seem to get nowadays (They're hard to find and go out of stock often on and even in CD stores) and I feel that they need more attention today. I in no way am trying to necessarily promote your music nor trying to sound like an advertiser but I just wanted to voice my opinion on how your albums "11 Hour", "11:02", and "Karma" have played a role in my life over the years as they brought me out to the world yet also provided a temporary escape from the stress of the dangers that the world is facing with all these wars and their aftereffects. I also have been repulsed by the trends in music these past few years and instead turned back to "Eleventh Hour". I'd prefer the dark severe thunderstorm sonics of "City Jungle" and the nighttime eeriness of "Hold On" over the sunniness of current day rap music. I look forward to the next life-altering platter of music on your next album whenever it comes out as your music is absolutely intelligent and of top quality. I in no way am asking to try to surpass "The Eleventh Hour" as it's not even necessary to surpass it to create a life-changing work of art as that album established such dizzying heights of brilliance that I think would be nearly impossible to top but you never know. "Karma" came close to doing that. Anyhow, I'm gonna let you go for now. Whenever time allows it, I would be happy to get a reply whenever possible. I just wanted to write this message to celebrate "11th Hour's" 10th year of existence and how it has meant so much for me over the years since then.
BTW, Forgive me if I make embarrassing typos on my message, I make quite a few of them.
Yours Truly
Michael Carr

From: "Famous Labels"
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005
To: "Mars"
Subject: Re: 11.22 Arrival - New release from Mars Lasar
I just wanted to let you know that I finally received my cd's and I have been in heaven...It's no mystery why I was "bitching for the cd's to arrive. (sorry my quotations will not work correctly') But listening to 11:03 was an auditory experience that I cannot explain. You are truly gifted. Several years ago I had an out of body experience that occurred during some back surgery...I did not have the typical bright light at the end of the tunnel type of thing. It was entirely different, with seeing my deceased father holding my hand but his eyes kept changing to the eyes of others that I knew and others I did not know. There was this beautiful 'heavenly' music playing that I did not realize until years later that came back to me every time I tried to "re-experience" the pleasantry that I realized I had not picked up before. I used to listen to Hearts of Space on NPR with space age and cosmusic it was similar but not exact. When I heard your strains I realized that this is the form of ethereal and indescribable strains that floated in the background. I truly believe that Mars "taps" his energy that "flows" from the universe and is one of the few individuals that are able to capture and create the energy that flows freely like a gossamer ribbon that knows no bounds. He brings it in to our dense earthly senses and makes it into an auditory nirvana.
I love the introductory heavy beat that lays the foundation for many songs, but then he has this "gift" of being able to fill this heavy beat with pure beauty of melodies that are the antithesis of the bead, regardless if it is Jazz, electronica or Techno...pure genius.. It truly is ineffable. Once again, thank you for instilling another chapter of the 11th hour auditory series...

From: Eric
Date: Tues, 15 Nov 2005
Subject: The World is a carousel, and music makes it turn.
When my brother introduced me to your music I was listening to Mozart and Progressive Rock. You truly opened another page in my book of life. I tell people they have been depriving themselves when they have not heard any of your music. Then there are those who say your music is just ok. They don't understand. And may not ever. That's too bad. For they lack the 6th sense. We are all born with 5 senses. Just the selective are born with the 6th sense for music. I think you are the Mozart of our time. Your writing is creative and masterful. You give the ear so much to listen to without leaving the listener bored. I have been composing on my Kerzweil and Korg for over 10 years now. Mainly melodic slow instrumentals. I have a lot of your music. One of my favorites is Hisham's Somewhere In A Dream. That CD is all you. It could not have been any better. It was like you told Hisham to step aside and let me do all the work. His other CD's don't compare. Jeff Burak. Awesome! You should give a listen to Brian Becvar's "Once In A Life Time" Good stuff. When other people turn me on to other artists I usually tell them it's lacking or missing something. It's not MARS. You succeed them all.
Deputy Romandia

Thank you Mars Lasar.
You have been inspiring me, my friends, and clients because your euphoric, and sensually delicious music massages our soals ever-so deeply and satisfyingly. I only dreamed of meeting you some day and I just got this computer and got automated this week after 7 years of listening to your music. Your the first person I looked up on line. The musician in me is awakened !!!... as I said to my self "I willlll learn to learn and enjoy the process of creating this awesome kind of brilliant music. And some day earn the right to collaborate in the production of music with you. Thanks to your music as first choice among my clients and friends. One of my criteria for selecting music for my massages is: I must be able to play it at relatively high volumes and it still contributes to my and my friends and clients piece of mind. You also inspired me to learn to play piano I bought a Roland A-90 in 2000. will you please make more music like Escape and Olympic National Park also Karma.
George Golmassian

Las vegas, nv USA - Thurs, Dec 01, 2005

From: Matty

Date: Tues, 15 Sep 2005


Dear Mars,

As I mentioned in my original email, my "collection" of your cd's were destroyed (on purpose) after a divorce and I am eager to enjoy once again the previous ones I had ,as well as acquaint my mind with your new work. Recently I just purchased Karma and Panorama and (as always) am pleased. Your music is unlike any other I have known. There is a string of "energy" that flows consistently through every song and every piece of work by you, whether it be electronica, haunting or lullaby. Your music evokes "emotion". I hope you won't mind the self plagiarization that I have taken as my "own" morning aspiration to the I ask for "Strength in my balance and balance in my strength" (Eleventh Hour). Please keep up the "suspense" as your listeners eagerly anticipate each new release of the 11th hour series...Believe me it never gets "Old" each piece compliments and you can find the subtle "relations" to previous works, yet diverges into it's own. It's good for our hearts, our minds, our souls....It's Aura Hygiene so to speak.... I would love to hear your creation (as I would not trust anyone else's talent ) to successfully "interpret" each sign of the zodiac into it's own distinctive piece that would evoke the true sense and identify of the Scorpion....the Ram...or theGoat...(me!) etc, etc.Thank you for all the wonderfully strange but pleasurable listening hours of music. I never tire of hearing it. You will always remain my favoritemusician. I absolutely mean that. You have truly been blessed with a talent that has enriched the lives of others, hopefully as much as yourself. Sincerely, Matty USA - 15 Sep 2005


From: Jimmy JVT

Date: Tues, 11 Sep 2005



Sometimes you just have to explain your feelings! When I listen to mars lasars music it stirs up deep feelings of joy..I"ve been a fan for a long time. Since the beginning with Olympus, then too The Eleventh Hour-which totally changed my life! I myself wanted too play the kind of music Mars was making. So I went out and spent Thousands of $ on music equipment,, After a few years and many songs I made -I realized just how much talent it really takes to make great music. I couldn't even come close too making anything even close too what Mars is making... So I decided too sell all my Music Hard-Ware and Soft-Ware, and go back too listening too wonderful music which Mars Lasar makes for all of us too enjoy. I built a Music room separate from my house , I bought two Auto-graphed copies from Mars which hang on my wall! And as I listen carefully too his music and gaze upon the Auto-graphed copies he signed for me I can't help but too have a great Big smile on my face, and Thank-You Mars for enriching my life with wonderful music!!And always look forward too your next composition which I look forward to Whole Heartedly.Best Regards Jimmy JVT...USA - Sun, 11 Sep 2005


Hi, If you are receiving this I am honered to even hear your name yet alone having an idol such as you able to read this. Your music has changed my life in so many ways. Not only does you passion show it prevails onto mine within running cross country. I am becoming a forest ranger at paul smiths college i love you environmental track it is so cool and genius. My dad was a huge fan he has some old cd's. I listened to them 1 day. Gosh i really hope you get to read this. I want to let you know that you are leaving a legacy throughout generations. All the hard times the divorce the death of my friends the great anticipation before running a race listening to you music has made me able to feel to generate thought and feel free, fearless. If you can even just say hi and let me know you got to see this i will be so happy. I would love to be able to get you to autograph a picture or something so i can hang it up it would be really cool. I just wanted you to know you touch everyone's life. AND THANK YOU. Passion is the strongest thing to help make u feel not alone thanx for sharing you a very good man.Sincerely Bobby Campagna and my dad Rich CampagnThank you so much you are a god to a synthesizer :)USA - September 01, 2005


Hey Mars! When are you coming out with another BIG BOX album? BIG BOX and VERTICAL VELOCITY are awesome. BB's electronica music has been great fun to listen to and... I have to credit the dynamic range of your electronica mixing as "oxygen" for my brain cells. I'm an avid enthusiast of recreational extreme sports and I'm just waiting for BIG BOX to come out with a new album, say... FREE FALL? Go for it, Mars!


RauletteBeverly Hills, CA USA - Wednesday, March 09, 2005 at 01:12:10 (EST)


I too have only just come across your music recently. I cannot get enough. I plan on having 16 of the cds very soon. Looking forward to more work in the future.

Erik Dickison

East Hartford, Ct USA - S02:27:03 (EST)

Ethereal and Captivating,It is rare to find myself captivated by a CD...I am a woman not easily impressed. When it does happen, when the music magically transports me to another plane, the experience is one of pure joy. Such was my reaction to The Music of Olympic National Park. This is one of those CD's that captures your full find yourself closing your eyes as you are cocooned within the music. My favorite tracks are Eagle Flight, Shi Beach Romance, Toleak Point and Sacred Land. Eagle Flight whisks you away to the heavens, to soar high above the clouds...I love the sound of the screaming eagle that is woven throughout this piece. Shi Beach Romance whispers of sand dunes, gulls and the gentle lapping of waves against bare feet. Toleak Point took me atop the hill overlooking the water, where I stood in breathless awe of the ethereal beauty of God's creation....this is definitely my favorite track. Sacred Land conjures up images of ancient warriors, dancing their primitive dance beneath the moon-kissed forest. Impressive, yes....and so much more.I picked up "The Eleventh Hour" on spec, as they say, based solely on your cool-sounding name. It turned out to be a happy purchase. I soon looked into your backlog. Recently, I have fallen behind in collecting your CDs. Finding this website will help me fill in the blanks, as the last one I purchased (or even knew about, really) was 11:02.

Thanks for the great music!

Robert HarrisonUSA - Sunday, February 13, 2005 at 18:43:53 (EST)


Hey there! Just wanted to say your album 11:02 was awesome! I'm not usually the kind of person to admit to listening to New Age... but this is definitely the exception! I love "No Secrets", "Free Fall", "Cyber City", "Your Eyes (Password)", "Deja Vu", "House of Thieves", "The Magician", and (of course) "Toxic Orchestra" most especially. Haven't heard much of the other tracks, 'cause I've been listening to my favorites for now... but it's good stuff. Think I'll check out 11:04 sometime, and of course the original 11th Hour, too. Thanks!Johan Rising CesarUSA - Friday, February 11, 2005 at 08:07:31 (EST)


your music as only just come to my attention and i think it's great. i will be listening to as much as i can in the coming weeks. thank you.peter barden-marshallleicester, united kingdom - Wednesday, February 09, 2005 at 11:09:38 (EST)


I just wanted to thank you for your album Karma. I can study and sleep to it. I have never experienced such an inneran inner peace and calm from an entire album.CWUSA - Thursday, January 27, 2005 at 23:07:47 (EST)


In the early 90's I bought the album "the eleventh hour" at a "brain and mind symposium" in LA, and absolutely loved it. I used it for background music in the bus while driving passengers through the usa as a tour guide. They loved it too. I then bought "olympic national park" and kept looking for more music like the 1st album I bought but never found it until now more then 10 years later. I will buy "11.02,11.03,11.04" and look forward to be amazed again.As a musician myself I can say that Mars Lasar's music is "Excellent". Thank you for inspiring me!Adriaan Laurijsen <>salt lake city, UT USA - Monday, January 24, 2005 at 07:35:12 (EST)


Enjoyed your recent interview on KCSN 88.5. Love the Karma CD.Bob W.Encino, CA. USA - Friday, January 21, 2005 at 12:17:34 (EST)Dear Mars, I recently dug up your Olympus cd during a move. Back in the day, your music helped me become a skilled long distance runner. It helped me clear up my mind and think things out before the big race. You are one of the few individuals on earth are is true to himself and thus you inspire me. Don't ever change. Sincerely, Mark Pasignajen www.djakira.commark pasignajenChicago, IL USA - Monday, January 17, 2005 at 21:03:35 (EST)


Mars, your work has a magical way of putting the soul at ease even in the most impossible moments.NadineToms River, NJ USA - Friday, January 07, 2005 at 23:45:44 (EST)Panorama 11.04 - Absolutely stunning!, November 2, 2004


After six long years after the 1998 album 11:02, we finally are treated to the newest entry in the Eleventh Hour series entitled "Panorama" and let me say that this is an absolutely wonderful album. While it is part of the series that was set in 1993 with "The Eleventh Hour" this album at the same time has it's own style that sets it apart and it is a wonderful album.My favorite songs are "Fortune Teller", the title track, "The Only Answer" and "Set on Freedom". A remarkable return for a New Age Legend and this album proves that he is still a pioneer in the New Age field.Distant Voyageur "Nicholas Computer"I recently purchased Nocturnal Diaries and I just wanted to let you know that I think it is your best album ever! I have only had the CD a few days but I have listened to it at least a dozen times. I have all of your other albums, but this one really impressed me. Your artistry is phenomenal and I look forward to anything you produce in the future! Regards, MarkUSA - Monday, November 22, 2004 at 13:33:27 (EST)


Always great to see you continuing to do the great music you create. Keep it up man, and I'm really diggin the web updates. KeithKeith RichieMesquite, TX USA - Friday, November 19, 2004 at 21:15:23


This is a really great work,i dey hereoooooooooooooooooooooo my brothers.ezeLome, lomr togo - Saturday, November 13, 2004 at 13:19:56 (EST)


You are perhaps one of the most talented artists I have come to find in all of my searching. The music touches my mind and spirit. Your photography reaches into the depths of existence from a playground with your pets to an ensemble of rocks,trees, flowers and light. It was incredible to share your vision. You see the world in totality, not just a surface level. This is truly a gift. The beauty in your art is remarkable. You even stepped into the realm of making children sleep better and live calmer lives. It's amazing to realize the hours you have devoted to your passion. You are here on this planet to make a difference, and in my opinion, "YOU HAVE". Thank you for sharing your talents. Your website is wonderful.RhondaIL USA - Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 09:08:13


Bonjour, Je suis un admirateur de votre musique depuis la sortie de l'album Eleven Hour, un de mes pr?f?r?s ! J'attends toujours avre capacit? ? changer de style tout en gardant votre identit? est ?poustouflante. L'?coute de vos disques est toujours un bonheur, un voyage imaginaire. Mes albums pr?f?r?s sont 11.00, 11.02, Karma, Big Box2, Final Fronier et Panorama. Poursuivez dans cette veine tout en sachant innover et nous surprendre pour des fresques sonores magnifiques !oliviersaint vincent de reins, FRANCE - Tuesday, October 19, 2004


There are hundreds of Christmas albums available in several genres and styles. The originals are, of course, the orchestral and classical versions. Many of them are the quintessential versions of these timeless wonders. There are also hundreds of rock, jazz and adult contemporary versions of Christmas carols. Most of them are weak, even poor and certainly boring. Even some of the originals written for rock or jazz ensemble are inadequate. The new age is a perfect fit for Christmas music ? electronic, acoustic and/or a combination of both styles. A Christmas from Mars? is one of the latter and an instant classic! It is available only from Mars Lasar at his web site - He combines his multi-instrumental charm with atmospheric synths to generate sweet and serene soundscapes with deep spirituality and grace. The strength of the disc is Mars? sound design. He gives a unique voice to each piece. all the best and God bless!JimUSA - Saturday,04


Dear Mars Lasar I just got your "Panorama" album today and just heading in the door after buying it at a CD store today, I have to say that it's an absolutely wonderful and powerful album that while it's definitely a new chapter in your legendary 11th Hour series, the album at the same time has it's own style that sets it apart from it's two 11th Hour predecessors. The original 1993 "Eleventh Hour" altered my world forever with it's sheer power and unrivalled originality. Even though it's more than a decade old, the album doesn't sound the slightest bit dated even by a long shot. The sequel "11.02" was a wonderful sequel to that classic and had a more spacey, oriented sound but your third album "Panorama" is a wonderful continuation of the series but yet having a nearly different sound altogether. "The Only Answer" almost made me cry as the combination of beautiful music and the amazing lyrics ring so true today. As the presidential elections near and seeing how much is at stake, "The Only Answer" almost made me cry but it's such a wonderful song and one of your best in years, almost rivaling a lot of the songs on "The Eleventh Hour". The title track is another incredible beauty with haunting flutes, a sunset mood, and beautiful male voices in the background. "Fortune Teller" however is one of my favorites with it's bizarre beginning with the ticking watch effects, spooky keyboards and odd chord changes before becoming an intense track. BTW, as I write this message right now, I see three other new releases of yours that I have yet to get: "Nocturnal Diaries", "Collaborations" and "Final Frontier". The samples I've heard The samples I've heard are wonderful especially on "Nocturnal Diaries" that I wanted to ask when these three other new releases will be released to retail stores? I really love the Nocturnal Diaries samples that I'm really eager to buy and thus I want to ask that if it won't be released to retail stores for a long time yet, I would like to know where I can send money to in order to buy it. I really am eager to acquire a copy of Nocturnal Diaries. Your music is among the best New Age music that I've ever heard to the point that I would actually like to make music of my own. Whenever you get a chance, e-mail me when time allows it.

Yours Truly.MichaelUSA - Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Hi Mars! Congrats on completion of your new albums. Hope to hear them in playlists soon... So long, from 'hurricane alley..' -GregGreg NortonGadsden, AL USA - Monday, September 27, 2004Wow Mars, love your new website. What fun and user friendly to the max. We are ordering your new panorama series.Pat & CharUSA - Monday, September 27, 2004Some US Air Force "fly-boys" enjoy doing our job with your music in the background...SIMPLY MAJESTIC-!!!

ThanQWingmanSan Juan, PR USA - Monday, September 13, 2004


Hey Mars! Great talent that God has given you! I'm originally from Brazil, South America and am influenced by your playing and I hope to play with you one day, when are you coming to the US US? Musically, -GARY-

Gary Knight

Silver Spring, MD USA - Monday, August 30, 2004


only just heard about you, think your music is great. can't wait to hear more .

thankspeter barden-marshall

England - Sunday, August 29, 2004


Having only just found Mars Lasr I thought I would start with his first solo album Olympus. If you have not already got it, then I suggest you get it straight away. Starting with a fantastic opening track it gets better and better as the tracks go on. A truly spectacular CD with emotion and if you close your eyes you can let your imagination take over. A truly great start to what I hope will become a great collection. Many thanks to you for some outstanding music.

Lesley (UK)Lesley Millichamp

Birmingham, United Kingdom - Saturday, August 28, 2004


Nice website Mars! Congrats mate!

R A NavarroBeverly Hills, CA USA - Friday, August 27, 2004


Mars, I'm quite intrigued. While painting a commissioned Goddess Portrait the other day, I put "Children of the New Age" on repeat (having recently received the cd from a friend) and let it inspire and take me into that wonderful creative space. Thank you for sharing your gifts and letting your abundant creative energy flow.

Namaste, BethBeth BudesheimUSA - Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I love this page. It looks really nice and very much encouraging. Please keep up the wonderful good work.

Thanks, Homeboy Owerri AsabaASaba Owerriaba, enugu lagos - Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Thank you Mars Lasar. You have been inspiring me, my friends, and clients because your euphoric, and sensually delicious music massages our souls ever-so deeply and satisfyingly. I only dreamed of meeting you some day and I just got this computer and got automated this week after 7 years of listening to your music. Your the first person I looked up on line. The musician in me is awakened !!!... as I said to my self "I willlll learn to learn and enjoy the process of creating this awesome kind of brilliant music. And some day earn the right to collaborate in the production of music with you. Thanks to your music as first choice among my clients and friends. One of my criteria for selecting music for my massages is: I must be able to play it at resistively high volumes and it still contributes to my and my friends and clients piece of mind. You also inspired me to learn to play piano I bought a Roland A-90 in 2000. will you please make more music like Escape and Olympic National Park also Karma.

George Golmassianlas vegas, nv USA - Sunday, August 08, 2004


I loved the Eleventh hour! Congratulations, you should be very proud!

MarkFlorida, USA - Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Thanks for the great site!

LisaUSA - Saturday, July 24, 2004


Hi, I would just like to say how much I have been enjoying your music. I heard you for the first time only a few months ago when I tuned into Launchcast's free radio station. I am an avid fan of Medwyn Goodall and having put his name into my favorites it offered me tracks by a Mars Lasar who it said they thought I would like. HOW RIGHT THEY WERE. Your music is brilliant, there is so much to listen to and if you close your eyes you can feel the music in your mind and soul. Thank you so much, here is looking forward to listening and collecting many of your CD's in the future. LesleyLesley MillichampBirmingham, UK - Saturday, July 24, 2004


Dear mr. lasar .. i am one of your fans , I am listening to your music for the last 4 years when i heard your piece of music ( Gypsy Legend) in a new age collection and then i started to look for your albums and now i have the following albums : escape( my favorite ).the 11th hour, 11.02 , and olympus i will be grateful if you can list for me the name of the stores having your albums ... with my best regards dr. kifah hassan mahmood ENT surgeon - sultinate of omanPaulChapel Hill, nc USA - Thursday, July 22, 2004


The music of Mars Lasar is a never-ending journey, a musical landscape worth exploring. Mars, thanks for the music! Peace, AndreaAndrea SvejdaSilver Spring, MD USA - Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Hi Mars, I have been listening to your CD's for about eight years now. I first bought the Olympus cassette and nearly wore it out after two years. I have since obtained all your CD's (except for Christmas and Baby series). Although I am more typically a classical listener, I truly appreciate the quality of your music. Karma has been particularly outstanding. In college I studied for all my exams to your amazing compositions. I graduated cum laude! I am looking forward to your new work. I thank you for all the enrichment your music has brought to my life, JeremyJeremyMukilteo, WA USA - Monday, July 12, 2004


Just wanted to compliment you on your music and your site, both of which are magnificent! For the longest time, I never knew who "Cathedral Waltz" was by, as it came on the radio one evening and the DJ never announced the title. Years later I happened to buy The Eleventh Hour and, well, you can imagine my delighted reaction when "Waltz" played. ;) In any case, take care, and best of luck with future projects. :)JesseDear Mars In 1992, my brother played the track VICTORY for me from your OLYMPUS CD. From that moment I have been completely hooked on your music. I took a Sound Engineering course at Truro College a few years ago. One of our assignments was to produce a handout on a musician of our choice which would then be used to give a presentation to the rest of the students in the group. Now, who do you suppose I chose to base my presentation on, Yes, it was Englebert Humperdink! No, just kidding, and no disrespect to Mr Humperdink intended. It was of course yourself. I read out what I had prepared on the handout - a full A4 sheet which gave details of your work with well known artists such as Seal and your compositions for the Olympic Games etc. I then played WHISPERS OF ETERNITY from your BLUE MAZE CD. It went down extremely well, the majority of my fellow students (of which there were about fifteen) telling me later that they really liked the track. So you see, I'm doing my best to spread the word :~) My favorite CD of yours has to be ESCAPE but all of them are superb. Of your 4 recent releases (COLLABORATIONS, FINAL FRONTIER, NOCTURNAL DIARIES & 11.04-PANORAMA) I think I like 11.04 the most, but again the other 3 are superb too. Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to the next Mars Lasar CD, on which I hope you're working very hard :~) I send regards to you and your family, (and pets) and would like to thank you for your great music which enriches my life. Lee. Truro, England.LeeTruro, Cornwall England - Thursday, April 15, 2004


It is a great pleasure to received a letter from you. Since I bought album Escape ,I notice how your music is relaxing. Ever piece is unique. Somebody said that the music describes a soul of composer. I think you can agree with that. I wish you very best.

JerzyBayonne, NJ USA - Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Hello mars, that is an honor for me to receive an answer from you directly. since the eleventh hour i am an absolutely fan of your music. for me it is soul music because it touches my heart, and longings. music is the best way to express your feelings and wishes without any restrictions. on my last vacation in LA i bought karma and i was very disappointed that the section of new age in the US really has disappeared. - it is a shaause it is my favorite sound. but thank goodness, your homepage is a perfect way to get all your wonderful music and i am looking forward to getting the latest news from you my favorite album from you is at the moment - escape everything on this album is different and exciting my favorite artists are mars lasar and patrick o hearn so please keep on going producing best wishes and greetings from germany - bavaria wolfgang meusch

Wolfgang Meusch <>Rosenheim, Bavaria Germany - Monday, April 12, 2004


Dear Mars, I signed with Real Music shortly after you departed...I was just listening to Sapphire Dreams and thought I'd drop you a line. That is a truly gorgeous CD with brilliant melodies and orchestration.

Blessings, JohannesJohannes LinsteadUSA - Friday, April 09, 2004


Finally replaced my old worn-out Olympus cassette tape -- yes, cassette tape -- with a new CD. Every time I found one of your CDs in stock in a record store (Records? What are those:) I took it as a sign of good things to come and I was never disappointed. However, I have stopped going to record stores and have just found you online - Nocturnal Diaries, Blue Maze and Final Frontier - excellent stuff.

Thanx for inspirations.MjMHouston, TX USA - Thursday, April 08, 2004


Hey Mars!! Just wanted you to know that I have always, I mean always, been a fan of your music since Olympus. That entire album changed the way I listen to music even to this day. I own just about all of your cds, but I see that my album isn't complete because you've released 4 new albums. I can't wait to get them so that I can show them to my brothers who all are also big fans of yours. 'One Day' I hope to meet you and shake the hand of the one that makes such great music.Veron SCharlotte, NC USA - Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Mars Lasar is one of my favorite composers. Thanks to his vision and that of KCSN we've been hosting Sessions from Mars on my show Galactic Voyager Tuesdays at 9pm on KCSN. My program is a mixture of electronic/new age/world/atmospheric music; Sessions adds a new flavor to the program: Music that can't be heard anywhere else! Mars has been contacting various artists and sifting through their unheard music to feature it on the show. It is a lot of fun; check it out on Tuesdays on 88.5 FM or online at Thank you Mars; keep the great music coming:)Meishel MenachekanianBurbank, CA USA - Sunday, February 08, 2004


Mars, I just wanted to post to tell you how wonderful your music is for me. It's something that I've enjoyed listening to every night for months. It's fantastic music for all sorts of activities and it helps me concentrate on things as well as help me sleep at night. My favorite cd of yours is probably a tie between Escape and Sapphire Dreams. Your music also inspired me to learn how to play the piano, so if you have any tips or suggestions, I would love to hear them. Again, thank you for your music and I wish nothing but the best to you and your family.Russell SkovanMarana, AZ USA - Wednesday, February 04


Mars, as you know already I am a big fan of your work and production abilities :)Thanks for keeping the melodic Electronic Music market alive and kicking. There really isn't anybody else out there anymore .

Paul LUK - Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Mars...Big fan of all your work. Your music just gets better and better. My 16 month old daughter just loves the CD "Karma" she sings and vocalizes along with it! As a DJ in Chicago clubs, your "Big Box/Velocity" stuff is great!

DJ ScorpioChicago, Il USA - Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Thank you for beautiful music ........please , to be continued.......good luke....God bless you....Verdin

Andr?Belgium, EUR Ciney - Monday, February 02, 2004


Mars, I heard a song by you on the radio yesterday (T11th Hour), played on the local Smooth Jazz station in Washington, DC. I was taken by the song, and completely comforted by your music. I wrote the song down and went to Tower Records to try to find it. They had one CD - Karma - so I bought it. I began listening to it and was so happy and amazed at the power of your music. I love "Great Beast of Wisdom", and others. I just ordered 'The Eleventh Hour' and am so happy to have found it. At the record store when doing a search, the message "No longer Made" came up for the 11th Hour CD. Thank you for having it here on your website - your music and art are AMAZING!!! You remind me of my brother - a very gifted musician.

Love your music .Mary S


Mars, I wanted to let you know that I loved your work on "Ne Ver', Ne Boisja, Ne Prosi" for t.A.T.u. It is one of my favorite songs. I had a couple of questions concerning it. I know at one time there was supposed to be an English version. Do you know what happened with that? I have written an English version that many people have suggested I send to t.A.T.u. if there isn't one already. Also, I don't know if you know of Taty's latest predicament, but they are in need of assistance for their second album. I really want to see a great second album from them and you and Polienko did such a great job with "Ne Ver', Ne Boisja." Do you have e any plans to write any more songs for Taty?


Kyle RCrestview, FL USA - Friday, March 12, 2004


How's it going Mars!! I feel that it's a pleasure just to be able to write to you. Your music is TRULY amazing. I've been hooked on your music ever since my brother purchased your first CD. I write music myself and you to me. You're so creative with your sound that it's just unbelievable. Every time that I listen to your music it makes me just what to sit in front of a piano and create more music. You're such an inspiration. All of my brothers are hooked on your music. You have such a unique sound that stands out tremendously. Hopefully one day I'll be able to go to one of your concerts. That would be a wonderful experience. My brother(Veron Smith) told me about your site and told me that the was more of your music to be discovered. Well, I haven't listened to the new releases yet but I'm sure that I'm in for a treat.

Thank you SO, SO, SO MUCH for your incredible music.Vernon SCharlotte, NC USA - Friday, March 05, 2004


Plateau of the Gods (11.00) and DeJaVu (11.02). Any Mars fan knows what I mean. Just hearing these two tracks alone, and I knew I'd be hooked on this style of music. (BTW: what's Hisham got to do with anything?)Ary RKansas City, Mo. USA - Sunday, February 29, 2004


A new year?s beginning with fresh new sounds by Mars Lasar. First I've got PANORAMA and NOCTURNAL DIARIES. They are awesome! PANORAMA rules! Mars is getting better and better. Phenomenal music like valuable treasures. On NOCTURNAL DIARIES every track is like an adventure to explore. Moonlight Canyon is excellent. Good work done, Mars! Greetings from Germany to all Mars Lasar-Fans Will

Will LCologne, Germany - Friday, January 02, 2004


Mars,What can I say but,your music is still awesome and you keeping breaking new grounds. No others can compare to the level you are at. As you know I'm a very big fan since the start the fantastic (Olympus) has had me hooked forever. And Jordan still dances and sings (Children Of The New Age)every time she hears your work. Thanks again and all the best to you all......... :)

Rodney LNC USA - Monday, December 29, 2003


Hi, I love your music you are doing so great!I wish you all the best for next year!

Greetings, Zoltan

ZoltanHungary - Friday, December 26, 2004


I love "DeltaDigit" on "Vertical Velocity"!!! Uh, It's the red one by Big Box... Weird but I'm totally into it! Good RAVING music Mars!!!! Who is the chick talking? Can't wait for faster bf DeltaDigit. (with the chick ; ) ) The lyrics about life! How the hell did a new age man like yourself, end up coming out with this upbeat, really fun and trendy music, hmm? great beats Mars, more more more!!!

Greg.GregHouston, TX USA


Say Mars! I was just surfing MP3 about a week ago, when I came upon BIGBOX, I think I like Vertical Velocity more than the first album. But because of the situation at MP3, I guess I will be purchasing my Chrite instead. Keep on doing the New Electronic Industrial music! I can't wait till the next one! My friends and I are really digging the new Sh*t!

Waiting patiently, Violet

VioletChicago, IL USA - Saturday, December 20, 2003


Hello Mars! As usual I was very excited seeing four new releases ready for my listening pleasure!!! I have bought all your releases so far (including Babyscapes and the Moonlight Skies Series). I have never been let down! I bought my first release when 11th Hour first came out! Been a fan ever since. 11:04 is a good addition to the 11th Hour collection and reaffirms my belief that buying that last two -Frontiers and Collaborations" is in order. I hope they are original, connected stylistically and are full of memorable hooks as I have come to enjoy from you. By the way, if your counting, The 11th Hour, Olympic National Park and Karma are the best three albums to date! Best wishes to you, Happy Holidays! Regards, Mikey Oxford (Detroit), MIMikeyOxford, MI USA - Monday, December 08, 2003

Hey Dude, just clicked the "Buy" button again. I've been tripple D diggin' it since '93 and The Eleventh Hour. I've had your tunes with me all over the world (especially nice at 35,000ft transoceanic). Great melodies and grooves, riffs and changes, saaweeet! Paying patron of yours for life.Rick SundvallPortland, OR USA - Saturday, December 06, 2003


Alice and Guldbrandt send me this to listen to bentBent LernoSimi Valley, ca USA - Friday, November 28, 2003


Hello Mars. Keep up the good work. I think i will buy some of your new albums soon. I like to listen to your eyes,house of thieves, and free fall. I expect the 11.04 album will be good. Hisham vs. Lasar!Desperado- Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Alice and Guldbrandt send me this to listen to bent

Bent LernoSimi Valley, ca USA - Friday, November 28, 2003


Mars Lasar: I have been a fan of your music until i listened to your tracks from "Vertical Velocity" on the Associated Production Music website. Your music - "deltadigit", "big box" and others are absolutely amazing. Your music is by far the best industrial electronic I have heard in a long time. I am buying your cd's today. Thanks.JoshBuffalo, NY USA - Monday, November 17, 2003


Mars, I've been hooked on your CDs since I purchased your 3rd album, Escape, back in 97. You music shows incredible range. Here's a list of my favorite songs: Toxic Orchestra, Sapphire Dreams, Warpstream 489, Vast Fields of the Mind and Gypsy Legend. I have pre ordered your 4 new CDs...the clips sound great!George CLouisville, KY USA - Monday, November 03, 2003


Thank you for all the years of beautiful dreamscapes. Many blessings for many more years of inspirational music.LilithSan Jose, Ca USA - Friday, October 24, 2003


As always thanks for sharing your music! I'm looking forward to hearing the new releases.Peace, Andrea

It's me Mars Steve, Barb and I moved last week and now live in Bettendorf, Iowa. Still mellowing out on your MasterPieces and awaiting you next release. Hope all is well you all are in Barb's and my prayers. Stephen Neafcy - CEO Barbara Neafcy - President FASFlight Inc.Srephen NeafcyBettendorf, IA USA - Friday, October 17, 2003


Hello, I am one of your biggest fans. I have been involved with professional acrobatics for 8 years now, and I currently volunteer for a youth circus in the town that I live in. I am always looking for New Age songs for the performers to work with and you haven't failed me yet. We are absolutely avid fans of "The Eleventh Hour" CD and we love your music!! Thanks for keeping us entertainers "entertained".EmilyUSA - Thursday, October 16, 2003)


What a fantastic site and an incredible talent. Definitely One of the most inspiring exports Australia has on offer! Thank you for the music!KitanaGold Coast, QLD Australia - Tuesday, October 14, 2003


dear mr. lasar .. i am one of your fans , i am listening to your music for the last 4 years when i heard your piece of music ( the gypsy flame ) in a new age collection and then i started to look for your albums and now i have the following albums : escape( my favorite ) , the 11th hour, 11.02 , and olympus i will be grateful if you can list for me the name of the stores having your albums ... with my best regards dr. kifah hassan mahmood ENT surgeon - sultinate of omankifah hassannizwa, sultinate of oman - Friday, October 03, 2003


Long time fan of Mars-Lasar-music. Very nice website. Still waiting for new music release. Wish you all the best, Mars. Greetings from Germany.Will LueckenCologne, Germany - Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Feel free to add comments and letters to my guest book.

USA - Monday, September 22, 2003


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