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11.04- Panorama

11.04 - Panorama is the fourth in the Eleventh Hour Series dedicated to hope for a world in crisis. The 3rd track, "The Only Answer", features the voice of wordsmith/clairvoyant Colette Barron Reid, and upon popular request, Mars included the complete recording of Rapture featuring the hypnotic operatic vocal style of Erinn Williams. Panorama features the dynamic and eclectic variances of Mars' first in the popular series The Eleventh Hour. You're sure to find something you like in this collection.

A note from Mars: 
Yes, it's taken me a little time to get back into the 11th Hour groove as I've been involved in various other projects. So it's in the making - 11.04-Panorama the fourth in the Eleventh Hour Series. Also upon popular request, I'll be adding a sheet music download for the original Amy's Lullaby.

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Customer Reviews


5.0 out of 5 stars *****
Spans Panoramic Dimensions. Lasar's greatest in many years!
By Distant Voyageur (top 500 reviewers)

Although the original Eleventh Hour is without a doubt my favorite release of his to this very day and always will be, I cannot deny how supervised I was at how great his most recent release "11:04: Panorama" really is. I could arguably say that this is second behind the original outing of this series and is even better than the excellent 11.02 from six years before. Unfortunately as of writing this review, I totally blinked and have missed the third one entitled "When Worlds Collide" as of writing this review. Anyhow back to "Panorama", the music on here is stunningly beautiful yet also powerful and while it has the spirit of the 1993 original, "Panorama" has a totally different sound altogether yet has the magic that turned me to Lasar's music from that point and will to my last days on earth and maybe beyond.

The title track is my favorite song on this entire album with a beautiful wavy electronic melody that reverberates between the left and right ears and a beautiful mix of flutes, African voices, and a beautiful trumpet. I don't know how Mars did it but "Panorama" the song is without a doubt the greatest song that he has composed in so many years and would easily stand shoulder to shoulder with anything on the original Eleventh Hour. The part of the song towards the latter half with the walkie-talkie voice saying "we're under oath" during selected holidays as well as saying that "Enron could become code" has forever struck a chord with me and I would say that even without lyrics, this song is one of the best socially-conscious tracks that I've ever listened too. Fabulous job Mars!

5.0 out of 5 stars *****
Soul Soother
By Cynthia Moore "cyn.moore" (USA)

The beautiful music on this CD will help ease the stress while driving to and from work. It's very relaxing and helps to soothe the soul.

Writings by Serge Kozlovsky, February 2, 2012
This review is from Panorama 11.04

So many forces which have been reviving in this world
Keep on destroying joy and love
And life itself along with them...
To look around, glance at the world and the madness which is happening around. To see that a human life which is the pivotal wealth of this material world costs absolutely nothing, and the talks concerning the freedom of a human being seem to be abstract and nonsensical. To realize that somebody tries to deprive people of their inherent right to create, love and be happy, intending to transmute them into soulless robots that are obedient to commands of others. Mars Lasar's divine music helps to feel all this. There is a creative impulse, a sheer determination of a real creator. This music helps to remove the scales from your eyes and feel face to face with outward things. Besides it lends hope, it encourages you to realize that this world should be changed for the better when real value will be duly estimated, as for the lie which was inculcated by aliens it shall be blown away like shrivelled leaves by a fresh autumnal wind. And a human being won't long for destroying another person for the only reason of some disagreement between them...

The world of freedom and creation, the world of natural human feelings and emotions, the world without fear and violence - it is nearby, it comes to us with Mars Lasar's music. His new album "Panorama 11.04" continues splendidly "Eleventh Hour" - the series of the compositor's albums. As always his music is mighty and full of inner male vigour, it has infinitely many various subtle shades and attractive sound combinations. At the same time the album "Panorama 11.04" bears a strong resemblance of a gulp of salutary spring water. It contains more optimism and belief to a better future, more passion and ardent rhythms. And as always one can enjoy a surpassing sound of the album. Mars Lasar is extremely accurate and sincere while expressing his feelings. Moreover, powerful confidence shines through his music and this confidence is being given to you, and you start on realizing that the whole story is not so bad and that the better times are within sight. They shall obligatory come...

The music of the album "Panorama 11.04" is imbued with sensuality and eroticism of which the smooth waves are touching you freely. Either you listen to a new Mars Lasar's project very attentively or you just allow his music to serve as a gentle background, this music enables you to become aware of your own essence, to plunge in your innermost. This music helps to realize that you can find a solution to many problems inside you.

To be in the midst of the world and in the center of yourself. To change this world but to change yourself as well. To have inner freedom and live in the free world. That is the appeal expressed in the music of Mars Lasar, a brilliant composer of our days.

Not having changed your own essence
To start on changing the entire world is


Sweet! *****
by Sticky Micky
Love this album! keep 'em coming, mate!!!! this one's a real damn hit with my friends.

11.04.... Softer than normal Mars ***
11.04 is softer than Mars' previous albums. ... and seems less cohesive as well. The theme he used to create this alum is less intense. To be sure. "The Only Answer" stands out as a very strong track. ... but disconnected to the others. These seem to be his throw-away tracks from the 11th Hour. They are not necessarily "bad", but they don't "go' with each other. Where 11.02 was a step in the right direction in terms of a sequel, 11.04 takes a few steps backward - often using tunes that were worked with (in better ways) in previous albums. i certainly hope he doesn't go the way Chip Davis (once-brilliant, now a burned-out New age artist), or Patrick O'Hearn (who has steadily moved away from "har" songs that can stand by themselves, instead of experimenting with more ambient style).

Open a bottle of Pacifico on your trip to Mars *****
by eTripper

A nice introduction into the Mars Lasar sound. I guess one would categorize Mars as a New Age/Worldbeat artist because he draws on many distinct musical idioms. Immediately artists likely The John Barry Orchestra, Theory David, Paul Hardcastle and Shakatak all seem to represent aspects of Lasar's cinematic sound. Which I have to say is very pleasant indeed, and nicely chilled. The selection "Temptress" on another compilation was a stand/out/stunner for me. If you're into Smooth Jazz, World-Fusion, Lounge Chillout, or Nouveau-Flamenco sophistication, then this collection should be a no-brainer. Since, he is so well represented, just cherry-pick the best from all the offerings as I did.

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