Mars Lasar - When Worlds Collide (2003)
Style: Electronic/Pop Hybrid
World vocals fused with soaring backing vocals and synth sweeps. Midnight Mirrors has a some cool jungle loops and darts from one place to the next. A nice technology fusion with hints of world beat/electronica, and funk. "Searchin' for Love" is a good example of this as it's undeniable beat pushes through the foreground and vocal scats dominate the choruses while nifty funk guitar positions itself throughout.

A note from Mars:
In case you were wondering about my cover painting, it's a hand reaching for the keyboard. You can see the image of the creator in the center and the hand energized and ready for the next move. How does the keyboard feel during creation? this is my interpretation. A perfect example of "When Worlds Collide".


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When Worlds Collide (Download)

Mars Lasar

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The 3rd album in Mars Lasar's Eleventh Hour Series - Hi-res 320 mp3 files. Sound Manipulations, Inc © 2003

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Wind & Wire Music Review
Reviewed by Bill Binkelman 

Cynics - beware! The very first cut of the new album from Mars Lasar features a vocal refrain from a chorus of children's voices. And, as if that weren't enough, the refrain inlcudes the lyrics, "We are the souls, we are the shamans, let it be known, we are the children of the new age." So, you are now forewarned! But, damn if the music on this cut doesn't blend seamlessly with these words. Pounding drums, thumping bass, and layered keyboards all combine to drive this one into the stratosphere. You may think it's hokey but I'm having a good time listening, so leave your negativity at the door, if you please. This kind of unabashed sincerity is something that I find refreshing (especially when accompanied by music that kicks ass!).
Mars is certainly a talented and versatile composer. And When Worlds Collide shows the latter in spades. Swinging between sub-genres with amazing dexterity and ease, the album encompasses a variety of styles: dramatic keyboard-driven overtures (" Kingdom"), Berlin-school sequencer bop-fests propelled by ferocious drums ("Transfusion"), and Enigma-like urban-tribal numbers ("Grace"). In addition, there are songs that reminded me strongly of the superlative work done by Pete Bardens on his Miramar release Watercolors ("Searchin' for Love"). Bardens was a master of the melodic hook and Lasar has been to the same well of inspiration. I have always maintained that writing a great hook was a showcase for real talent. When Worlds Collide is full of solid refrains and hooks so I remain convinced that this is an art form - and the elitists be damned!
Not having heard Mars' album The Eleventh Hour, which is alluded to in the liner notes, I may be missing some of the impact of this release. Maybe there are some clues scattered here and there about how this CD "fits in" with that one. But I can tell you based on this one album that Lasar has a lot of talent and knows what the hell to do with it. Proponents of "no vocals," however, need to be told that some numbers have singing on them, such as the accessible (almost soulful) "Keep Faith." Additionally, the extremely funky "Let's Get It Together" may strike some as out of place on the album (since it sounds like it belongs on an r 'n' b recording or a world fusion release). People looking for something more sedate or more "new age" will be running for cover on this song!
But if you're interested in an album full of diverse and infectious music, such as the vaguely drum and bass-flavored "Midnight Mirrors," or the neo-romantic "Amy's Lullaby V," When World's Collide is a recording that will reward you with a wide assortment of tunes and moods. This is almost certainly not what the ambient or spacemusic crowd is looking for, but those who are on the prowl for melody and variety will be find a lot to like on this release! "Reach," the CD closing track, may be the best thing here. Fusing Miles Davis-like trumpet with midtempo tribal rhythms and a great jazz fusion sound, Mars shows that he's less interested in being categorized than in infusing his music with soul and personality. To that end I say "Amen!".
 Customer Reviews customer reviews:
5.0 out of 5 stars *****

Reviewer: leslie campbell from Los Angeles, Ca.
How apropos is this title, in keep with current affairs! The music is equally moving and transpots the listener to a better place.

5.0 out of 5 stars *****
Reviewer: MR. HAO TAN from BEAUSOLEIL, France

I cannot remember how many albums Mars Lasar had already released.But I will say every cd is perfect. In this newest one, I can even find out some samples which are similar to Enigma. And there are a lot better! Surely it is a New Age album.That is for the fan of Enigma,Enya and so on. I highly recommend you the check it out!

5.0 out of 5 stars *****
The best of CD of Mars Lasar ?
Reviewer: Jean-Francois Page from Laval, Quebec Canada

Until recently, I didn't know of Mars Lasar in spite of my hours of research on music web site and at Being French Canadian, his music is not easily available. Mars contacted me using my music station to invite me to listen his music. Listening to his songs available on a music web site, I was immediately impressed and touched by this music, so rich in textures and nuances. His new release 'When Worlds Collide' is in my opinion a superb synthesis. Everything is there: the melody, the rate/rhythm, the emotion and energy emerging are "contagious". In addition to this musical richness, this production has great sound quality. This production would deserve to be better known (and all others). I shared his music with several people and all, without exception, liked it immediately.
 Customer Reviews
Itunes customer reviews:
Amazing *****
by Linner 

His music is absolutely amazing. I lack the words to describe the emotion I feel when I listen to his songs. His songs are breath-taking.

Mars Lasar Website Customer Reviews


Pans Panoramic Dimensions. Lasar's greatest in many years!
Although the original Eleventh Hour is without a doubt my favorite release of his to this very day and always will be, I cannot deny how supervised I was at how great his most recent release 11:04: Panorama really is. I could arguably say that this is second behind the original outing of this series and is even better than the excellent 11.02 from six years before. Unfortunately as of writing this review, I totally blinked and have missed the third one entitled When Worlds Collide as of writing this review. Anyhow back to "Panorama", the music on here is stunningly beautiful yet also powerful and while it has the spirit of the 1993 original, "Panorama" has a totally different sound altogether yet has the magic that turned me to Lasar's music from that point and will to my last days on earth and maybe beyond.
The title track is my favorite song on this entire album with a beautiful wavy electronic melody that reverberates between the left and right ears and a beautiful mix of flutes, African voices, and a beautiful trumpet. I don't know how Mars did it but "Panorama" the song is without a doubt the greatest song that he has composed in so many years and would easily stand shoulder to shoulder with anything on the original Eleventh Hour. The part of the song towards the latter half with the walkie-talkie voice saying "we're under oath" during selected holidays as well as saying that "Enron could become code" has forever struck a chord with me and I would say that even without lyrics, this song is one of the best socially-conscious tracks that I've ever listened too. Fabulous job Mars!


Adriaan L
salt lake city, UT USA

In the early 90's I bought the album "The eleventh hour" at a "brain and mind symposium" in LA, and absolutely loved it. I used it for background music in the bus while driving passengers through the USA as a tour guide. They loved it too. I then bought "olympic national park" and kept looking for more music like the 1st album I bought but never found it until now more then 10 years later. I will buy "11.02,11.03,11.04" and look forward to be amazed again.As a musician myself I can say that Mars Lasar's music is "Excellent". Thank you for inspiring me!