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Nocturnal Diaries


Nocturnal Diaries is a collection of music that depicts a world of harmonic magic and mystery. Soaring melodies and eclectic transitions traverse you deep into the late-night mood where Mars creates such unusual music. Mars releases another epic nature piece if you like Olympic National Park or Karma you'll be intrigued by this collection.

I've wanted to release this collection for some time, and have some very fond moments in my composing career while writing and recording these songs. In doing the extended nature symphonies such as "Crystal Meadows", I was able to practice my skills as a music arranger/programmer and producer, I knew what the music sounded like in my head, the challenge was bringing it into reality. In most cases with these songs, I worked many hours late at night fine-tuning and exploring, much like searching for treasure, hence the title, 
Nocturnal Diaries.

Mars Lasar Website Customer Reviews

Mon, 19 May 2008
Subject: Simply; Thank You

I like your mellow music the best. I purchased Blue Maze and Nocturnal Diaries. Thank you for the Mars radio as well. That is a very generous thing to do. Smart as well, if I could not have listened to so much of your music I probably would not have bought any.

Will L Cologne, Germany

Friday, January 02, 2004

Greetings from Germany to all Mars Lasar

A new year's beginning with fresh new sounds by Mars Lasar. First I've got PANORAMA and NOCTURNAL DIARIES. They are awesome! PANORAMA rules! Mars is getting better and better. Phenomenal music like valuable treasures. On NOCTURNAL DIARIES every track is like an adventure to explore. Moonlight Canyon is excellent. Good work done, Mars!



Distant Voyageur "Nicholas Computer"
I recently purchased Nocturnal Diaries and I just wanted to let you know that I think it is your best album ever! I have only had the CD a few days but I have listened to it at least a dozen times. I have all of your other albums, but this one really impressed me. Your artistry is phenomenal and I look forward to anything you produce in the future! Regards, Mark

Houston, TX USA - Thursday, April 08, 2004

Finally replaced my old worn-out Olympus cassette tape -- yes, cassette tape -- with a new CD. Every time I found one of your CDs in stock in a record store (Records? What are those:) I took it as a sign of good things to come and I was never disappointed. However, I have stopped going to record stores and have just found you online - Nocturnal Diaries, Blue Maze and Final Frontier - excellent stuff. Thanx for inspirations.


USA - Saturday,04 -Michael
Dear Mars Lasar, I just got your "Panorama" album today and just heading in the door after buying it at a CD store today, I have to say that it's an absolutely wonderful and powerful album that while it's definitely a new chapter in your legendary 11th Hour series, the album at the same time has its own style that sets it apart from it's two 11th Hour predecessors. The original 1993 "Eleventh Hour" altered my world forever with its sheer power and unrivalled originality. Even though it's more than a decade old, the album doesn't sound the slightest bit dated even by a long shot. The sequel "11.02" was a wonderful sequel to that classic and had a more spacey, oriented sound but your third album "Panorama" is a wonderful continuation of the series but yet having a nearly different sound altogether. "The Only Answer" almost made me cry as the combination of beautiful music and the amazing lyrics ring so true today. As the presidential elections near and seeing how much is at stake, "The Only Answer" almost made me cry but it's such a wonderful song and one of your best in years, almost rivalling a lot of the songs on "The Eleventh Hour". The title track is another incredible beauty with haunting flutes, a sunset mood, and beautiful male voices in the background. "Fortune Teller" however is one of my favorites with its bizarre beginning with the ticking watch effects, spooky keyboards and odd chord changes before becoming an intense track. BTW, as I write this message right now, I see three other new releases of yours that I have yet to get: "Nocturnal Diaries", "Collaborations" and "Final Frontier". The samples I've heard are wonderful especially on "Nocturnal Diaries" that I wanted to ask when these three other new releases will be released to retail stores? I really love the Nocturnal Diaries samples that I'm really eager to buy and thus I want to ask that if it won't be released to retail stores for a long time yet, I would like to know where I can send money to in order to buy it. I really am eager to acquire a copy of Nocturnal Diaries. Your music is among the best New Age music that I've ever heard to the point that I would actually like to make music of my own. Whenever you get a chance, e-mail me when time allows it. Yours Truly.

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