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Tahoe Spirit

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Tahoe Spirit captures the magic of the Great North Western Sierra Nevada wilderness. This collection of eclectic songs will take you on a journey, inspired by the rugged mountains, soaring landscapes and the vastness of Lake Tahoe, the centre and heart of Washoe Indian territory. Traditional Native Flutes played by David Rose from band Painted Raven adds to the mystery and majesty of Mars Lasar's sonic landscapes.
Sit back and relax while you take in the inspirations of Tahoe Spirit.

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Critic Reviews


Tahoe Spirit
Mars Lasar
Reviewed by Michael Debbage at

For those of you that have not yet made the conversion from DVD to Blue-Ray or your old tube TV to a flat-screen then check out this disc. You may be asking yourself by now if this reviewer has gone loony wondering what has this got to do with music? Well, the production gifts of Mars Lasar when compared to his peers pops like a 3D movie bringing even more brilliant colors to his outstanding music. Playing tribute to the Great North Western Sierra Nevada wilderness will either take you down a vivid memory lane of your own experience or present you with the urge to want to have your own firsthand knowledge of what the landscape is all about.

This is not the first time that Lasar has played tribute to the backyard of America’s beautiful landscape. He has previously explored this theme courtesy of the 1996 mystical recording The Music Of Olympic National Park as well as the more recent and glorious Yosemite- Valley Of The Giants. There is no avoiding comparing the experience but just as the subject matter has its own mystical and stunning typography so does Tahoe Spirit. It would be safe to say that it takes elements of both of his prior tributes with a greater emphasis on the Washoe Native Indian courtesy of guest artist David Rose’s traditional native flutes and Lasar’s deep percussive embellishments.

For those of you that may not embrace the Native Indian musical themes do not allow this to discourage you from exploring Lasar’s latest project. While he adopts the culture this does not prevent him from making the music accessible. This can be experienced via the opening track “Tahoe Legend” that is rich in detail driven by the percussion experience and its sublime mystical melody. The same can be said for “The Great Spirit” but this time the melodies come courtesy of David Rose’s native flutes.

But what makes Tahoe Spirit unique is Lasar’s keen ability to integrate Native Indian themes with mainstream musical influences. Check out Rose’s flute work on “Wild Horses” that amalgamates with Lasar’s acoustic guitar work that is reminiscent of a folksy Led Zeppelin arrangement. If mainstream is your preferred choice then take a walk to “Alpine Meadows” which is co-written and also features the spiritual yet sultry vocals of Cadence Spalding. Equally beautiful is the shimmering simplicity of “Emerald Bay” that shows Mars Lasar at his reflective best.

Tahoe Spirit may not have the instantaneous appeal of Yosemite- Valley Of The Giants but that does not make it any less successful and perhaps more endearing and enduring. In fact, Lasar effectively takes the accessible ingredients of the aforementioned and sprinkles it with the mysticism of The Music Of Olympic National Park creating the unique concoction of Tahoe Spirit. Lasar is so gifted that it is more likely he will run out of typographies to pay tribute to than his outstanding creative musical ideas.

Reviewed by John Olsen

Mars Lasar is a music celebrity known for bringing a total music experience not only to his broad multi-genre fan base but to persons not even familiar with this world stage performer, since he has prepared music scores on many television and film credits over the last 25 years, along with the lengthy discography produced during his music career.

The multitudes of people familiar with Mars Lasar know his skills and talents are vast, along with his technical expertise which remains ever-present on the cutting edge of today’s music technology.
Currently, Mars is working on music scores for several highly recognized global corporations, and remains a constant producer in the television and film industry, in addition to his traditional album work, with new projects and music videos to be released in the near future. Ahead of his time in conservation and nature-inspired music, the Eleventh Hour Series, Olympic National Park, & Yosemite: Valley Of The Giants, are all early landmarks of his dedication to conservation music that are steadily becoming more relevant each passing day.
Mars Lasar specializes in a vast range of genre influences with his wide-ranging discography, and I find his nature-inspired releases capture the inherent pride and true spirit of the American way of life. It is this insightful dedication to the protection of the heartland that becomes a constant reminder of this gifted artist and conservation legacy that will remain relevant and time-honored for future generations.
Tahoe Spirit is his most recent nature-inspired release that virtually takes you there and guides you one heartbeat away from the Great North Western Sierra Nevada Wilderness, Lake Tahoe, and deep into Washoe Indian Territory. His artistic creations gently carved from our native habitat of woodlands and ecosystems are a bold testimonial about our native lands worth preserving.
Cadence Spalding is the Award-winning recipient by her Save The World release that accompanies husband Mars with her bright radiant vocals along with David Rose from the Painted Raven band, performing Native American flute on the Tahoe Spirit release.

When they stand together in unity, their equally impressive performance gives one a sense of belonging while blazing a musical expedition that nicely illustrates the majestic territorial lands that are a vital part of our American Heritage.
Visit the homepage and then sample/purchase Tahoe Spirit. Be sure to read his biography page & view his discography page. You can read our interview together and many reviews on our page dedicated to Mars Lasar.
Below is the album quote from my review titled American Spirit in The New World, and his just-released song video from Tahoe Spirit titled Medicine Man.
“ Mars Lasar employs a careful artisans approach while composing all of his inspired by nature music, making a lasting impression on you every time. The effective result of a delicate polish given to Tahoe Spirit results in a fine grain finish, directing you to an exceptional visit to the pristine beauty of our native woodlands all Americans can call home. ”

Customer Reviews

Wow... just wow *****

by MeeH AdG - April 19, 2016

Thank you for this beautiful message.

Very Very Nice!!!!! *****

by AnimationNerd - Aug 25, 2010

I just love a lot of Mars Lasar's music. I haven't bought this whole album yet but I'm pretty much sold on it all. So uplifting and all-around awesome! 

Review for “Tahoe Spirit” by Mars Lasar
From Director Derek K. Milton

I think it would be wise for me to abstain from thinking that Mars Lasar cannot keep getting better with each album he produces. That would be short-sighted of me and to be honest, stupid. For years and years, I have been a fan of this man’s tremendous work and I have lost count the number of times that a track of music by him has literally floored me. In his recent album, “Tahoe Spirit”, he has managed to successfully take me to a brand new plain once again - and to a level, I did not expect to go to.
Right out of the gate, I could not get past the opening track, Tahoe Legends. It is truly marvellous… powerful… ethereal… rising…
spiritual… spine-tingling with an ending that caused my entire body to shudder from the extraordinary feelings the rise created. I loved the track so much that I continued to put it back to the beginning in order to experience it over and over again and God only knows how many times I played it before finally proceeding to the next track. Pathetic, I know. But, I make no apologies. I adored the journey because when it comes to Mars Lasar and his music, it is dripping with passion, feeling and style. That said, I questioned out loud the very thought of how the rest of Tahoe Spirit could not possibly live up to that level of quality. Yet… it did.
Mars has managed to once again craft a series of beautiful stories without uttering a single word. >From the power and majesty of "Wild
Horses" to the haunting beauty of "Alpine Meadows", his manipulation of notes and his truly unique flavouring of style and instrumentation that is all too “Mars”, is a testament to his amazing talent. Tahoe Spirit is honestly an album that everyone should have in their collection because it is simple, just that good.
Congratulations, Mars… you’ve done it again.

Greetings Mars!
You have made an excellent choice of Native Flute Players! Dave Rose adds, the Icing on the Cake! I have become one of your newest fans. I will purchase this CD.
Blessings and continued success!
Sterling G.



I've been listening to Mars Lazar for about 30 years and still amazed at his talent for producing introspective music that takes one on a journey, or calms and relaxes the soul. Thanks Mars for another beautiful masterpiece.


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