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Utopia is a profound and wonderful new thought-provoking path of music and deep spiritual wonderment from Mars Lasar. Mars has an amazing and clearly God-given talent of taking us on a musical journey through his haunting work that not only marks his unique style but takes us away somewhere else without compromising that astonishing style. Utopia is a classic example of his incredible gift. For anyone who knows what Mars has to offer, they need this magical additive of his work to complement their loving collection. As always, Mars continues to astound, amaze and offer the feelings within that only his work has to offer.
Utopia is a must-have.

A note from Mars:
I still and always will enjoy creating art. This album is inspired by my recent journeys around the world, enjoying cultural and culinary experiences. Then transcribing them into a collection of eclectic instrumental songs. I feel this is a good follow up to my previous album AfterWorld. Hope you enjoy the journey!

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Mars Lasar Website Customer Review

Subject: Utopia

Homerun! That’s how I would describe Mars Lasar’s Latest album! Every song moving and captivating. A real menagerie of sounds! I’ve been listening to Mars for 25 years now! That’s very impressive, and that’s why he is my all time favorite Artist. So please excuse me while I have to leave now , and finish listening too the rest of Utopia! Thanks Mars!

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