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AfterWorld is a truly haunting, ethereal and mystical journey into the Ancient Ethnic and Celtic world, but once again with Mars’ unique style. It leaves the listener with the feeling of awe and total inspiration. It is so moving and creates so much feeling that the urge to share it with others is overwhelming. It is simply too good to have all to oneself. The wonderful movement of this album infiltrates the senses and stays with you long after it’s over. AfterWorld is a must-have for your music collection.
If you liked Mars’ album, Karma, you will like this one.


A Note from Mars:

In creating this album, I was able to reach into the unknown dimensions of world culture, as I did in 2002 with my album, Karma, although this collection tends to lean more towards my New Age style. These are journeys, some as long as 6 minutes. Let them take you there.

I hope you enjoy these recordings as much as I enjoyed composing them.

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Critic Reviews


By: BT Fasmer

There are many great artists out there, but very few are in the simply brilliant category. One artist that belong here though, is Mars Lasar. If you want to check out his brilliance, try his 2012 album AfterWorld. I didn’t know that the post-apocalyptic world could be that great.


There are artists that fans look up to, and there are artists that other artists admire. Mars Lasar might not be the biggest name in our genre, but he is among the very best. Artists often say to me that they are inspired by him. His skills on the keyboard and ability to create interesting atmospheres are truly unique. My favorite albums by Mars are Olympus (1992) and Tahoe Spirit (2009). After listening to AfterWorld (2012), I will add that to my list of favorite albums too.

A Trip to the AfterWorld

AfterWorld has an ethnic sound. It is largely a return to the style of Karma (2002). Mars Lasar uses instruments from the Middle East and Asia. There are also a few African vocal samples. The album has a quite dark atmosphere, fueled by a heavy drum beat. This makes it great for your daily workout sessions.

My favorite track on the album is no. 3, Nine Worlds. The use of an eerie whooshing effect combined with ethnic steel string instruments and a powerful beat make this into a one of a kind song. It has Mars Lasar’s musical fingerprint all over. The next song, the soft Heavenly Footsteps, is a very nice contrast to the heavy Nine Worlds.  As usual, Mars is not restricted by genre conventions, and the album ends with a positive ethnic ballad.

The cover artwork is also stunning. Mars Lasar’s photo and design skills are also top-notch (see examples here). There is beauty in the AfterWorld too. If I were to say something negative, it must be about the ethnic samples. I usually love them (I have been a fan of Deep Forest for 20 years), but the outer-worldly theme matches badly with the African samples. A synth vocal singing in an “alien language” would have been better.

Simply put, AfterWorld is an amazing album. It is among Mars Lasar’s best – which also makes it into one of the best albums ever released in our genre.

Score: 96/100

Customer Reviews...


5.0 out of 5 stars In the Afterworld, Mars Lasar hits another home run!

Format: Audio CD

I've been a fan of Lasar for nearly 20 years since the epic experience that was "The Eleventh Hour" back when it was new. Many sequels later, and many non-11th Hour releases later, Lasar shows no slowing down or any decline in his quality of music. His latest release entitled "Afterworld" is another epic chapter that is one of a kind and it's own distinct sound.

In some ways, it reminds me somewhat of 2001's "Karma" in the sense of having almost none of the elements of 11th Hour but maintaining all of the epic overtones through the music. Whereas "Karma" has a haunting blend of suspenseful and exotic sounds from all over the world, particularly Pakistan, India, China, Japan, and Africa, "Afterworld", mostly has a stronger Middle Eastern, Iranian/Persian style. The epic intro to "Dreamwalkers" took my breath away. The entire album has a very intense, and adventurous feel throughout that you will enjoy every second of the albums entire 60-plus minute length.

The final song "Reach for The Sun" changes course with a sense of triumph with its joyous feel before the atmosphere changes into an uncertain, haunting, even dark feel with a sitar echoing in a strong crescendo to close out the album.

If you're looking for another "11th Hour" or a sequel in a sense, you probably will not have much luck here. If you're totally open-minded to music far removed from that album-saga series, "Afterworld" completely delivers. It proves that Lasar can branch far outside of his trademark 11th Hour saga and create works of art every bit as powerful and epic.

Fabulous job Mars. :D
Distant Voyager

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful music 

Format: Audio CD

I bought this CD after hearing a couple of tracks on iHeart Radio. One piece in particular, "Heavenly Footsteps", is a standout piece of music. There is also a lot of great percussion in addition to guitar, harp, bells and more eclectic sounds. If you like instrumental music with Celtic undertones, you will enjoy this CD. I'm so glad to have discovered these artists.
By Alan R.

5.0 out of 5 stars Another great CD Format: MP3 Music

Another great CD by Mars Lasar. If you like his Karma, you will like this one, too. It has a lot of oriental inspiration which I love, especially the drums.

By Doro



by Dustylylac10

This is a great CD! Actually might even be one of his best! I've already bought a few CD's off of his site and sending them off as Xmas gifts. I really enjoy the first song "Sky Dancers", it makes me feel very relaxed and at peace with the world at the end of my stressful day. "Gateway" is an AMAZING song as well, really eerie and powerful, such a brilliant song. 

I've also got the yoga instructor playing some tracks during our unique class. I highly recommend this album and I wouldn't be surprised if I hear some of these tracks in some future movies. Cheers



You are one of my favorite composers. Olympic national park is my all time favorite cds I own. Thank you for your art and creation. 🔥🙏🔥

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