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11.22 Arrival

One more gem in the Eleventh Hour series, soaring into undiscovered musical galaxies. Captures the essence of an eclectic variety of styles but with the distinct flavor of Mars' plight for hope and renewal within modern existence. An adventurous collection of songs that bravely explore brand new sonic dimensions.

A note from Mars: 
I finally I decided to put everything aside and make another Eleventh Hour album. Many of you have asked me when the next one was coming...well here it is!! I had a lot of fun making this album - exploring different styles of music and technology and different parts of myself. Strangely, it seemed to arrive all on its own. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating
11.22 Arrival.

Mars Lasar Website Customer Reviews

From: "Famous Labels"
 To: "Mars"
Subject: Re: 11.22 Arrival - New release from Mars Lasar

I just wanted to let you know that I finally received my cd's and I have been in heaven...It's no mystery why I was "bitching for the CDs to arrive. (sorry my quotations will not work correctly') But listening to 11.03 was an auditory experience that I cannot explain. You are truly gifted. Several years ago I had an out of body experience that occurred during some back surgery...I did not have the typical bright light at the end of the tunnel type of thing. It was entirely different, with seeing my deceased father holding my hand but his eyes kept changing to the eyes of others that I knew and others I did not know. There was this beautiful 'heavenly' music playing that I did not realize until years later that came back to me every time I tried to "re-experience" the pleasantry that I realized I had not picked up before. I used to listen to Hearts of Space on NPR with space-age and cosmusic it was similar but not exact. When I heard your strains I realized that this is the form of ethereal and indescribable strains that floated in the background. I truly believe that Mars "taps" his energy that "flows" from the universe and is one of the few individuals that are able to capture and create the energy that flows freely like a gossamer ribbon that knows no bounds. He brings it into our dense earthly senses and makes it into an auditory nirvana.
I love the introductory heavy beat that lays the foundation for many songs, but then he has this "gift" of being able to fill this heavy beat with the pure beauty of melodies that are the antithesis of the bead, regardless if it is Jazz, electronica or Techno...pure genius... It truly is ineffable. Once again, thank you for instilling another chapter of the 11th-hour auditory series...

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