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Mars has done it again, everyone. Just when you think he can't come up with something else new and unique, he proves us all wrong. Multiverse is a combination of several elements. The first is his style of power and movement... in some ways almost ferocity. But he flips that coin and takes us to a tranquil place we all want to go... but in Mars' style. Each track moves us in a different direction and that is what makes his music so independent of itself. His use of keyboards, percussion and voices makes a truly unique pattern that is impossible to resist following. He orchestrates his varied tracks in an order that can only be described one way... a journey. This album is definitely a keeper. 

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Antoñito SANTANA

You are fantastic and your music is great thanks friend from Gran Canaria Canary Island

Greg R, Norton

Purely genius, sir! Sooo pretty, almost Seasonal. Thanks!